Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singapore Trip...

Business had been challenging this year. Had some personal breakthroughs. Unexpected medical expenses for my dad. Didn't really plan for the trip to Singapore but kinda force myself to take a break to recharge. I wanted to go the toys flea market and also see the toys market in Singapore. Well, some toys...err most toys are cheaper than Malaysia even after conversion. There are lots of Transformers stuff on sale, one big Transformers Encore set (the one looks like dinosaur and plane) cost only SGD30!!! Here is selling for over RM200 bucks! Then a set of 4 DCDirect Batman figures selling for only SGD55!! Vintage Micromaster Transformers MOC only SGD5 each!! Also saw some SDCC exclusive toys on sale too!! When it comes to departmental stores, the toys variety are almost the same to what we have here. So to hunt for something different, gotta go to toys specialty stores..Manage to capture some toys display in Singapore...Gundam, Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime), Stormtroopers in Orchard Road, and specialty toy shops in China Square (where they have Sunday flea market) early in the morning...

The Chinatown Square flea market is similar to our Amcorp mall flea market. It's just they got more toys and more varieties. However I still prefer the Clark Quay toys fleamarket when I went there almost 10 years ago...coz got more vintage stuff. According to one of the toys store owner, over 60% of the stores from Clark Quay had moved to Chinatown Square..
Wasn't really satisfied with the trip coz didn't find what I was looking for (vintage toys especially star wars and batman stuff). Bought only a few back home..Vintage G2 Hero Optimus Prime, vintage star wars landspeeder and a cute Vader plush..
Looking back this year, I didn't spend as much time and $$ on my hobby comparatively in the past. I must have been more discipline..or my room space is running out. I didn't really get those urges to buy the 'must-haves' or to 'complete my collection'. In fact I made a conscious decision to stop buying certain line of toys. Well I still wish to have a Toy Museum one day to showcase my collection...oh Singapore also have a Toy they called it Museum of Toys which features collectible tin toys..didn't manage to go there. Maybe next time.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's the Time of the Year...

Time for giving..and before you can give, gotta buy...duh!
Ther are lots of good bargains...I got the DC Direct Legend of the Dark Knight 4 Pack for only RM85.00 at Jusco! Also found in Jusco Midvalley - DC Heroes 3 pack selling for RM21!
I got the Buster Optimus Prime as my own Christmas gift..well I am happy with the purchase even though is basically a repaint of the earlier Prime with slight re-tooling. the paint job in this Prime is awesome, his gun transforms and it shows Prime's face! Then I got the Leo Prime in Low Yat and found out its missing instructions..duh! Luckily the Leo Prime transformation is kindergarten prob with no instructions..
I thought I had most of the Prime..but when checking the internet I realized my Prime collection is far from over...I m still short of Machine Wars Prime, Hero Prime, Sports Label Prime....oooh boy..

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Changing Taste for Toys

Been busy..hence no time to really blog. I came to realize how little I've spent on toys when the TRU newsletter came and I've got not enough points to redeem even for a RM10 voucher!!! Which means I spent less than RM250 at TRU in the last period. Not to say I don't spend on toys, but I guess my taste for toys is changing. Partly because toys are not a good investment anymore ...or I don't have space in my room...or I just wonder why am I buying all the toys while not playing them...same old dilemma
Its coming to December..a year almost

Sunday, October 11, 2009

ToyBiz X-Men Movie Wolverine vs Sabretooth twinpack

I got this for a good price at Flea Market. It sure bring back some good ol memories.
Compared to character's likeness, this one loses to Hasbro current Wolverine Origins series. Having said that, the figures does have decent Hugh Jackman and Tyler Mane resemblance. I just wished that they do a better paint job on Wolvie's eyes. But what make it better than Hasbro's is it's play value! The figures both have battle actions plus face expression change feature! Press a button on the back, Wolvie and Sabretooth snarl at each gimmick.
Collectible Value: Checked eBay not really that sought after..but then this toy is almost 10 years old..could be a good catch now.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

If you are single and available...check this out

Interesting. For the single and available....


Finally an interesting toy premium from A&W!
Limited Edition Crayon Shin Chan Adventure figures. These are 6 plastic figures of Shin Chan with no articulation or play features at all! Purely for display. The set also comes with a cardboard display house. Cute but unfortunately no playability.
Next, KFC is offering Limited Edition (again) Beetle Collection. The Volkswagon is the first car I dreamt of buying while in school. I like it because it has a unique evergreen shape. The KFC beetles are pricey for a premium, about $9.90 each and if you buy the KFC X-meal, you get it for $5.90. The quality of the cars are good, with detailed paint job. It has pull-back action. Very nice and recommended to Beetle collectors.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Invincible Iron Man Movie Figure

I wanted to get this figure when it first came out. But I was hoping for a miracle to happen, that it would go for 50-70% sale!! After a while, this figure was dissapearing fom the shelves. I was at Sogo a couple of months back, there were 5 pieces. Then I went again about a month later, there were 4 pieces left. I went there a couple more times..still no buyer nor sale. Yesterday I went again, only 1 piece left!! The miracle didn't happen but then I still got it for 10% off.

Now on the Iron Man. Hasbro did a decent job on this figure. Of course you can't compare to the other Iron Man figures out there, especially from Hot Toys in which you pay a premium.
It has good sculpt, good metallic red and gold paint job and loads of play value! It has a removable mask, a jetpack (wonder whats it for since he could fly without it), snap on blaster x 2, snap on laser vision targeting harness, 6 projectiles (3 repulsor missiles, 2 missiles and 1 arm canon) and a retractable long range artillery! It has electronic speech "I am Iron Man!" "Repulsor Blast" "Target Engaged!" and blast effect sound, flying and landing sound plus lights on chest and hand. Articulation is quite basic at hands, elbows, legs and knees. This figure display well!

Collectible Value: 5/10 Price may go up in future as the next Iron Man movie is coming. However there may be re-issue on this figure.
Play Value: 10/10 C'mon what more could you ask for?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Transformers Human Alliance & Optimus Prime found in Subang

I was in Subang Carrefour - there were lots of Human Alliance Bumblebee/Sam and Skids/Mikaela and also in Parkson Subang Parade. Also saw Optimus Prime Leader Class. Grab em if you havent got em.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009


I bought a set of 10 Kaiyodo King Kong dioramas 'blind figures' (meaning you don't know what you gonna get) and though there are 4 duplicates, I am satisfied because I am very impressed by the quality of the figures. The details and paint job are absolutely amazing. And these are small about 3-4" tall. ! Wonder how those Japs make such fine details on these mini figures. Each diorama comes with base and a concept art write-up written in Japanese. Check em out!


I got these 3 Transformers Human Alliance figures - Bumblebee with Sam, Skids & Arcee with Mikaela and Sideswipe with Ebbs - and I was very satisfied with quality and play features of the toy. I won't write a review here but you can see many reviews of these in Youtube. These figures are absolutely cool - in their looks and playability!! Plus there's an easter eggs surprise (features not shown in packaging or instruction sheet) in some figures..for example Sideswipe have a Battle Mask and Skids have a 'moving mouth' talking feature! Only one set back, the human figures don't look much though articulated. Available in stores..some shops selling for RM200 already..Fortunately I got the Skids with a surprise 10% discount from Isetan...Yaaay!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1980s Thundercats Mummra Figure

Some time ago I did a review of Lion-O figure which I acquired from the US. After purchasing that, I looked for his arch nemesis, Mummra. Been hunting for it for quite some time..did found one in flea market but the weapon was broken. So I continued hunting for Mummra to complete the 'main character hero villain' equation. Finally the hunt ended today, I got a complete unbroken Mummra from the flea market (same price offered as the incomplete one last time).
Mummra comes with a head gear, a dagger and a sword. Similar to Lion-O, it has the battle-matic feature, press the button behind his back to make his hands swing! Satisfied..:>

Friday, August 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning Toys Sale!!!!

Toys for Sale
Doing some spring cleaning and have some toys for sale. You'll find some of them in my eBay list.

If the link doesn't work, contact me at for a list of toys for sale!!
I am willing to trade, and offer bulk discounts. International orders are welcome, I accept Paypal to selected customers with confirmed address. I had a negative experience with Paypal, I got cheated of 2 DragonBall Museum Collection figures by an French ebayer. He paid me via Paypal then when I sent the items to him, he withdrew the fund!! Post office here confirmed item reached France and was acknowledged. Checked with Paypal, they are not willing to help, saying that it is their policy and loads of terms and agreement BS!. So I am very careful with Paypal payments from now, and I advise that if you are a seller, you should be too.

Toys Wanted
By the way, I am also looking for toys. I prefer them to be mint on card or in box. Let me know if you have these:
1) Transformers God Ginrai Re-issue
2) Kenner Aliens - Ripley, Queen Alien, Power Loader
3) Starship Troopers Bugs

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I bought this Dekarangers Megazord set (a.k.a Power Rangers SPD , US Version) for my son and to my surprise, this is one waaay cool robot, and the quality is much much better than the US versions. I've never intended to do a review of this toy but after seeing my kids play and the fantastic play features if offers , I just love to share this info for any Power Rangers enthusiast ( if there's any).
First all the vehicles have got metallic paint - made it look like diecast. It's made in Thailand, not China. Each vehicles has got it cool play features.
Main car - forms the robot head and body, have lights and sound effects, tyres can attached to Justice Sword (comes with hovercraft vehicle), and have 2 'grabbers' at the rear.
Signage car and Hovercraft - this forms the arms and hands. The signge card comes with few interchangeable signs and Megazord's gun. The hovercratf comes with Justice sword.
The train and flying vehicle - forms both legs. The train have a compartment that can be opened to store the sword and guns. Very cool gimmick. The flying vehicle comes with retractable gear, a rescue hook, gaitling guns and handcuffs.
Megazord Mode - Looks very cool with lights and sounds effect, just like in the TV series.
It looks good even when not playing.
Such a great looking, gadget aplenty, so-much-fun giant robot selling cheap!! Sadly it's just not as famous as Transformers. Sigh..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stormriders Baby Fung Wan (Lego lookalike) figures set

Recently I acquired a Baby Fung Wan (also known as Stormriders) figures set based on the popular Hong Kong comic. I believed these figures are quite old. I got it for 50% discount in a comic shop in Pudu. I got Set C, which features both heroes from the popular chinese comic series - Lit Fung and Bo King Wan in their 'evil version'. This is the ONLY set that features both heroes together. Also included is the For Kei Loon, sorry can't translate that in English. It's a Chinese mythical creature that looks like a dragon with 4 legs. In the Stormrider story, this creature is on fire!
I've always liked the art in this Hong Kong series and unfortunately I can't read Mandarin, so I only watched the movie and the recent cartoon for the story line. Years ago, I would pester my wife to read the novel and then ask her to relate the story to me...
A quick description about the figures. They are like Lego or Kubrick, but I think these figures came out earlier than Kubrick..anyway I am not sure. Both figures comes with their signature weapons. Then there's the fire creature which looks kinda cute. Also included are bases for both figures. I checked eBay, couldn't find any of this set, so couldn't gauge the value. What I found was the more common set A, which features Lip Fung, selling for USD25.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

KFC Transformers Premiums

Transformers fast food premiums now available at KFC. It offers 4 characters - Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide and Starscream! Unlike the 2007 Burger King Transformers premiums, these toys are transformable! And they are very easy to transform, even my 3 year old kid can do that! Except for Starscream, they all look good in their vehicle mode. Starscream had 2 hands sticking out in his jet mode..looks weird. But when transformed, Starscream is the best in robot mode. Optimus is the worst, his body is bent in robot mode and his robot face is just ...not like in the movie one. Bumblebee and Ironhide looks ok, both face and robot. An interesting note, their packaging all come with a hologram Hasbro logo.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Optimus Prime Leader Class Comparison

The Transformers fever is here again. Scalpers once again wallop all the Bumblebees and a couple of nice figures i.e. Sideswipe, Fallen (which is supposedly rare) off the shelves of departmental stores. And yes, that idiotic collector who ripped toy box and cards had done it again...this time he ripped off the box of The Fallen figure! Many collectors that I know would agree that nowadays, toys are hardly rare, especially Hasbro toys. Very soon, you will find repacks, cinema packs, exclusives and all kinds of excuses to re-issue the figures! Just look at the Ultimate Bumblebee, it has gone through 3 packaging variant and now with Revenge of the Fallen packaging, the figure is now updated with battle helmet! Where got rare one?

Actually I would like to talk about Optimus Prime. Earlier I didn't want to get the Leader Class Optimus Prime because I thought it was a re-issue. But to my surprise when I saw the figure, it was kinda new figure with new gimmicks. So I got one. Here's a very brief comparison between the 2007 movie Prime and the 2009 movie Prime.
The new Prime is leaner, and in my opinion, a more movie accurate version. The previous Prime is more bulkier. The new one have Mech Alive gimmick which supposed shows the 'moving mechanism' when transforming. It comes with 2 energy swords. The 2007 Prime comes with blaster (or energy sword and movie accurate head for the Premium series). Both old and new Prime features eclectronic sounds and phrases. Looking at the picture, you can see that the new Prime body is much more proportionate and not so 'squarish/blocky' like it's predecessor. Even the tyres on the waist are not laid straight, quite movie like. Hasbro did a great job in this one. However, I haven't open it up and can't say much about durability and transformation yet but the 2009 Prime sure look fantastic! This guy is selling fast but you can still find him of now..

Friday, May 29, 2009

DragonBall Goku on Cloud Figure! Cute!

I got this yesterday, Dragonball young Son Gokou on Cloud. Its basically a mini pvc figure that comes with a display base and his staff. I've seen this many months ago but didn't manage to get it. Yesterday when I found it again, I snapped it up. It was the last piece in that comic shop. I don't see this often. I am not sure which toy co it came from, the packaging looks like bootleg. However the paint job on the figure is quite decent. The figure has no articulation. The display base has the DragonBall logo. It looks cool as a tabletop display.
Checked eBay - stores in Hong Kong selling for USD7 - USD11 each.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's funny. I was at The Mall Cold Storage Supermarket looking for Pez. Based on previous visits, there weren't any Pez that interest me, usually it's Disney or Looney Tunes stuff and so on. I thought to myself, why the importers doesn't get Star Wars or Batman Pez...and while still holding that thought, I saw right in front of me Star Wars Clone Wars Pez and Batman Pez! What a coincidence!?
So I grab em.
There were 6 Star Wars Clone Wars Pez - Vader, Sidious, Artoo, Threepio, Chewie and Yoda.
This looks like re-issue to me. Couple of years ago, I bought a complete set of Star Wars Pez from US and they have more characters like Boba, Stormtrooper, Luke X-Wing etc. Of course the price I paid for buying these in US was much higher compared to the retail price of RM6.89 per piece here. (previously was only RM4.99)

What I like more was the Batman set. It comprises of Batman, Joker, Riddler and Two Face.
Other Pez characters I found but didn't buy are Pirates of the Carribbean and Monsters vs Aliens. In case you haven't heard of Pez, it's a candy dispenser. Been around for many years. Some are collectible item. Check em out..I suspect it will be wipe out off the shelf!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Banpresto Dragonball PVC figures found at Speedy Video!!

I was surprised to see Banpresto Dragonball PVC figures in Speedy Video.
They are selling at RM59.90 for 3 figures (Gokou, Karin and Yajirobe)!! These figures used to sell for about RM70++ each from collectors shop. Next question - are these bootleg? Not very sure because the figures packaging do come with the golden lion sticker (see pic) just like the original. I've seen bootleg version without the golden lion sticker and the packaging print is kinda crappy. This is not the case for the figures I bought here. My guess...could be factory overstock..but then I could be wrong. Check it out if you are a Dragonball fan!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

KFC Chicky Fun Store Premium

Usually I don't buy KFC's premium that features Chicky the chicken. But for this case, I make an exception. KFC Chicky Fun Store is the latest premium offering from KFC and what caught my attention was the KFC store you can build when you buy a complete set. You get a group of KFC Chicky crew to man that store:
Service Crew with tray - wind-up feature
Bus Boy with mop - push him and the mop moves
Chef - push a button on his back for moving arm
Delivery - a chick on bike! Attach the bike to the base and press button shoots off
Each chick comes with parts of the store in which you need to assemble. Once completed, you get a double storey KFC store! Cool!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Recently I got 3 Kurt Adler Star Wars Mpire Ornament from the US.
My favorite one is the Luke and Leia M&Ms in the classic Star Wars pose.
It's very cute. These ornaments are quite heavy, made of plaster if not mistaken. Can be very fragile. Each one comes with a tag and the copyright sticker is at the bottom of the base. The paint job on these figures are so-so. Still, it looks good on display.

The Luke/Leia poster pose version is kinda rare in Ebay. And they are not cheap either. Recommended for die-hard Star Wars fan..