Monday, September 3, 2012

Optimus Prime Haul & McDonalds Coca Cola Sale Alert!

The Weaponizer Optimus Prime was in my wish list but what accelerated my purchase recently was the Transformers Prime Gift  with Purchase Promotion at Isetan! (I got the DOTM Cyberverse Shockwave fusion tank set for free from this purchase!) This version of Prime have 4 modes...actually 2, the 'additional' modes are just weapons popping out in both robot and vehicle form. Its pretty nice Optimus with Leader Class size.
One surprise purchase was the AM01 TRU Japan Exclusive Battle Shield Optimus Prime. Seeing how cool those Microns combined to form Optimus' shield, I was sold. And these Microns can be transformed to individual robots! The down side of this is that these Microns are unassembled and have to be fix like model kits. For some this could be additional play value but for me its like " to fix this" This set comes with 4 Microns!
MCDonalds is currently having a sale of the 2012 Olympic Coca-Cola glasses, complete set of 6 for only RM12.95! Unbelievable! Go get'em if you haven't.
Also McDonalds had a nice collection of Young Justice figures in their Happy Meal promo. There's the the light up Superboy (eyes & emblem), Missile firing Robin with bike, Superman with 'hands lifting' action to stimulate flight and Batman with extending cape! Overall very nice.