Friday, January 30, 2009

LJN Thundercats Lion-O Figure

Thundercats toys - one of the must haves for the 80's kid. Unfortunately I didn't get the toys when I was a kid and thanks to eBay, now I can have one Lion-O figure. Well its kinda pricey for a loose complete figure, I got mine for over RM100++. I remember seeing a loose Lion-O in Singapore toy flea market selling for $1.00 only...but I guess those days are gone..

Lion-O comes with sword, claw glove and power ring (Mine still works! Yaaay!) At the back of the figure you have a button, when press activates his right arm to have a slashing action. Insert the power ring to the back and Lion-O' s eyes glow! Very cool for a toy made in the 80's. Now looking for a Mummra figure to complete the equation.....

Old Kenner Batman and ToyBiz Spiderman figures found in Speedy Video

While shopping for Chinese New Year, I stumbled upon a 1997 Kenner Batman and Robin movie: Batman with Mr Freeze twin pack, selling for RM12.90 in Speedy Video store. Usually I only buy Batman figures in his original blue/black costume but in this case I made an exception because 1) its cheap, 2) its from Kenner (which is now no more ) and 3) its dated 1997. Then I went to another Speedy Video Store and they have another Batman and Robin twin pack featuring a Metallic costumed Robin and Batman, selling for the same price. Still have a lot in stock...check it out if you're a fan.

Another unusual find in Speedy store is a 1996-7 ToyBiz 10" Spiderman figures. I got the super poseable Spidey (which comes with a web) and the Unmasked Spidey with Peter Parker head (which comes with his Spidey mask). I got it for RM19.90 each. There are other Spidey figures too, what I saw was Spidey in a metallic silver armour, Black Costumed Spidey and Scarlet Spidey in a blue T-shirt thingi. Haven't check other stores so dunno what else do they have.
On closer inspection, the Unmasked Spidey costume have two different shades of blue, the upper body and knee have a darker blue while the lap have a lighter shade. At first I thought it was a manufacturer defect/reject but when I checked in eBay, it seemed the figures in US is made that way too. Ebay price is USD29.90 Buy it now while for the super poseable Spidey is USD20.00 Buy it now.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I still remember my first Kalkitos, "Tarzan" which I got for my Christmas present when I was very young. I of course didn't get to play it due to my age. My uncles and brother are the ones enjoying my Kalkitos.
Kalkitos - a piece of background scene with a piece of rub-on transfers for you to create your own adventure. It's a cheap and good past time for 80s kids like me. If my memory serve me correctly, it cost only RM0.75 for small ones and RM1.50 for the big ones. And I can get them from the local grocery store..

I searched ebay for Kalkitos - and found a few - at an unbelievable high price!! It cost 5 Euros excluding shipment!!! Then I did some research on the net and found Magic Presto - similar to Kalkitos but a US version. With luck, I got myself 4 vintage 1983 Star Wars Return of the Jedi Magic presto set, still sealed in bag. Well it still costly but not as bad as Kalkitos.

Collectible Value: Kalkitos is very rare in eBay. However you can still find Magic Presto in Ebay selling for USD9.90 per piece average.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Takara / Tezuka Production Astro Boy Real Action Figure Review

Another great find for 2009, also for RM20 is this Astro Boy Real Action Figure set from Takara/Tezuka Production. Astro Boy comes with 2 pair of hands (clenched fist and open palm), hand canon, a robot, 2 pair of legs (standing and flying), Astro Boy sillouette head base, a stand for the robot and a stand for flying pose.
Figure is small, about 4" tall but pack with great play value - another great toy from Takara. Figure have reasonable articulation except for the robot which is just a block of plastic. This figure also display very well - with nice sculpt and quality paint job. Recommended to Astro Boy fans.
Play Value: 8/10 - one thing lack in this figure is the open chest. Takara have a bigger Astro Boy action figure that have this features
Collectible Value: 5/10 - eBay selling at USD15-20

Takara Microman Magne Power & Mr Grey Playset review

When I saw this set way back in 1999, I knew I wanted to have it because of great play features! But it was quite pricey at that I shelved the thought of owning it. While shopping gifts for my kids, I stumbled upon this set an unbeliavably low price..only RM20!!! I grab it without second thought, but of course the condition of the card and blister is crappy. Nevertheless I got a complete set..nothing missing. My first grreat catch for 2009!

Now for the toy..this Microman (refer to the net for history of Microman) set comes with (check this out)

1) Articulated Microman figure with magnetic hand
2) Articulated Mr Grey figure (the standard looking grey alien)
3) A Kirin Drink bottle that can transform into a tank, a sort of space station and a storage for the toys!!
4) A flying saucer that can transform into some kind of 'turtlelike' creature
5) A kinda machine where Mr Grey can sit on it - like the Power Loader that Ripley sat on in the Aliens movie (sorry dunno what they call that..)
6) A micro toy catalog!! (believe or not) and instruction manual

From the items listed that comes in this set, you can guess its play value...there are so many ways to play with this!! What I like most was the transforming bottle - really creative!
Play Value: 10/10
Collectible Value: 7/10 Quite rare in eBay, saw on selling loose USD21...