Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recent Toy Acquisition - Batman and DragonBall!

Haven't been buying toys for about a month but then suddenly found lots of stuff that I like at a good price! Here they are: Batman Gotham Knight 3 pack - based on the cool Japanese animation and Crisis 3 pack which includes Batman's alliance Batwoman, Nightwing and Robin. Original price RM79.90, I got it for RM49.90. These 3" figures comes with little or no accessories! Pathetic! At least Hasbro make good effort to include accessories and build a droid in their Star Wars 3" figures line to give 'VALUE' to the collectors. Next is the Classic Blue Outfit Batman, also sold at RM79.90 and I got it for RM47. Not many takers because of the ridiculously high price point (guess thats why on sale!) I still remember way back when Mattel first got the licence for Batman toys, figure this size was sold for only RM29.90!
Another collection I got was Bandai's Dragonball Z candy toys figures and a cool Son Gokou and Shen Ron bust. These were originally selling for RM24.90 each and the bust RM39.90. I got the figures at RM9.90 and the bust RM12.90 only! The candy toys came in 5 boxes complete set. Each box have 2 figures - the good guy and bad guy. See the box covers for the pairing. These are about 3" tall with little articulation. As for the bust, it is very nice - excellent sculpt and paint job.