Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Superb Stuff and Super Sucks of 2008

Looking back this year, I had my share of being suckered as a collector (paying toys for much more than their worth). It's not all bad, this year I've got some superb stuff at great deals too. Here's a record of some of the best and worst experience of 2008:

Super Sucks
1) Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee
Remember those days of Transformers movie toyline craze? Every kid wanted a Bumblebee and there was none on the shelves. When the Ultimate Bumblebee arrived, I paid about RM400 for it. The shop is in Golden Triangle and famous for cutthroat prices. Now there's plenty in TRU for a much lower price...and then there's this re-issue that comes in a tube packaging with a free small bumblebee....Damn!!

2) G1 Micromasters Transformers
I got a set of three G1 Micromasters Transformers sets today. Total 12 mini figures mint on card. At first...very happy. After checking eBay, a bit dissappointed. What prompted me to buy this set was - its vintage G1 dated 1989, it has the old Hasbro logo, each pack comes with 4 figures. I thought I had a good deal for RM280. Then on eBay a guy from China selling all three sets for RM180, shipping included. Aaarggh!!!

3) Star Wars Clone Wars Figures
I got four Clone Wars figures when the movie came out - Ani, Obi, Yoda and Rex. Wanted to get the rest. Thank God I didn't. Hasbro re-issued the Yoda and Obi Battlepacks that comes with 4 Clone Troopers. Five figures retails for only RM99.99 compared to RM36.90 I paid for each! Stupid re-issues!! Then they re-issued Anakin DVD pack!!! No end to re-issues..I've stopped buying Star Wars single pack figures ever since.

Enough of the the Superb Stuff at great deals for this year:
1) VOTC George Lucas Stormtrooper prototype - I got this for only RM3 at a toy warehouse in Kepong. It comes with unpainted Stormtrooper helmet.
2) Jedi Luke Skywalker prototype - I got this for free! Also from the same warehouse!
3) 50-70% discounts stuff - complete set of Fantastic Four and Fantasticar and Indiana Jones figures
4) Star Wars Stuff - Titanium Lava Vader and Slave 1 - RM20 each only!! 500th Vader - RM10 only!!
Toy collecting can be fun and distressing - depending whether you get a good deal or being suckered. Someone once told me, "Forget about the prices, buy because you like it" Good advice but ya know..sometimes just can't help comparing prices...

2008 has been a year of testing. Test my patience. Test my tenancity. Test my character. Test my value(s). Business broke down. Partners screwed up. Thank God for this hobby..that keeps me motivated to press on for more business and for a while, drift me into a galaxy far far away where things are more...much more than meets the eye.

Goodbye 2008. Hello 2009.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Batman The Long Halloween Collector Set

Similar to the Superman Doomsday collector set, this set features 2 figures - Batman with Batarang with rope and Joker with Gun and both comes with display base. Also included is a 376 page trade paperback graphic novel of The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. All for RM118. I got it from Borders. I think is a good deal - the trade paperback comic alone cost RM67.90 and the Batman and Joker figures easily cost RM70 per piece. US retail at $39.90.

The Batman and Joker figures have good articulation, sculpt and paint job though they don't really look like the ones in the Long Halloween comic book. The comic is a compilation of 13 issues - a very impressive story and interesting artwork. It was said that the Batman Dark Knight film got some inspiration from here. No doubt its the Harvey Dent part.

I recommend this - whether you are a Batman comics fan or just a toy collector. Good story and art compiled in one volume, 2 great figures with base and a very reasonable price.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Toy Wiz Branded Toys Warehouse Sales Alert!!

Surfing the web and found out that ToyWiz will be having a Warehouse sale on 3-4 Jan 2009.
Venue: Amcorp Mall 3rd floor beside the Korean restaurant.
What kinda toys? McFarlanes, Barbies, Neca, Marvel Legends....collector stuff. Check it out at the link below!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My friend once told me he got a Kenner Indiana Jones figure mint on card from a Grocery Store for RM1.00 when he was a kid. Ah...those were the days..Little did he know the value of it years later.

Before the latest Indy movie came out, there were very few licensed Indy figures available. The notable ones are ToysMcCoy figure and also the Disney Theme Park Exclusives. Those days, I got myself a complete set of the Disney Theme Park figures. The sculpting is so-so, articulation is lame and the accesories, well...better than some nowadays. Note: There are 2 versions of Indy.

Then this year we have the new Indy movie. I believe many collectors look forward to the figures and I am one of them. When it came out, oooh what the ....? Talking to some collectors, we all felt the line was a disappointment. The small figures have no Harrison Ford likeness at all except for the KOTCS Indy (the old man version). Funny, they can have a good Han Solo face sculpt in the Star Wars line but not in this line! The only figure I like is the 12" Talking Indy figure. Okay this one have Ford's likeness and some cool accesories and play features as well. Being an Indy fan, I did get some of the figures ....mostly at 50-70% discount (as expected). Shown here are just some of the collection. As you can see, I go for the deluxe figures more. There are more value compared to single figures. Example, the single pack Marion doesn't comes with pet monkey!

These figures are on sale now. Collect it if you like Indy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Star Wars Japan Celebration Medicom Bearbrick

I got a complete set of Star Wars Celebration Japan Medicom Bearbrick as Christmas gift from my wife. This is a tie-in with Pepsi. There are kinda cute and 16 designs available to collect. I saw one set selling at Sg Wang for RM200++ This is my second set of Bearbricks. Before this, I only have the ToysRUs Japan Exclusive Bearbrick set for RM20.00 while is on sale!

Wishing all my friends and collectors "Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!"

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Superman Toys Collection

I have a few Superman toys/figures only. My favorite being the Target Exclusive The World's Greatest Hero Clark Kent to Superman figure. This one is cool as it is a 2-in-1 figure. You get Clark Kent (who else) and Superman. And it comes with a phone booth for quick change action!
Ebay selling at USD30-50 range.

Another favorite is the Silver Age Superman and Lois Lane figure. I got this many years ago while on a trip to Singapore. The figures have good articulation and you can put them in two beautiful pose, a standing on a base with American flag and also Superman carrying Lois flying pose. My next favorite is the Superman Doomsday boxed set that comes with the Death of Superman comic book. I got it at reasonable price in Borders. Produced by DC Direct, you can expect the kind of articulation from DC Direct figures. Comes with two S logo bases.
Ebay selling (Silver Age set) USD 40, (Supes & Doomsday set) USD 25.

Other Supes figures I have are from the Animated line, the recent Movie line and also some kid stuff. Funny, Superman figures don't go up in value as quickly compared to Batman figures though its one of the first (or is it the first?) superheroes created.