Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My friend once told me he got a Kenner Indiana Jones figure mint on card from a Grocery Store for RM1.00 when he was a kid. Ah...those were the days..Little did he know the value of it years later.

Before the latest Indy movie came out, there were very few licensed Indy figures available. The notable ones are ToysMcCoy figure and also the Disney Theme Park Exclusives. Those days, I got myself a complete set of the Disney Theme Park figures. The sculpting is so-so, articulation is lame and the accesories, well...better than some nowadays. Note: There are 2 versions of Indy.

Then this year we have the new Indy movie. I believe many collectors look forward to the figures and I am one of them. When it came out, oooh what the ....? Talking to some collectors, we all felt the line was a disappointment. The small figures have no Harrison Ford likeness at all except for the KOTCS Indy (the old man version). Funny, they can have a good Han Solo face sculpt in the Star Wars line but not in this line! The only figure I like is the 12" Talking Indy figure. Okay this one have Ford's likeness and some cool accesories and play features as well. Being an Indy fan, I did get some of the figures ....mostly at 50-70% discount (as expected). Shown here are just some of the collection. As you can see, I go for the deluxe figures more. There are more value compared to single figures. Example, the single pack Marion doesn't comes with pet monkey!

These figures are on sale now. Collect it if you like Indy.

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