Friday, April 11, 2008

Indiana Jones, Spiderman & Darth Vader kits

Recently I bought two Garage kits or G-kits in short for RM100 for sentimental reasons and also because I like the characters and I got a pleasant surprise. The seller gave me another kit for free! Then I have yet another surprise, all the kits are missing an accessory - well not an important let me explain..

Indiana Jones G-Kit by Horizon

The kit is complete with 13 pieces. What is missing is the whip. In the instructions, it says to use the bendable plastic to twist tie to form the whip. But on the instruction manual, the whip is not shown. Check the net, couldn't find any reference. Anyway, the whip can be made with any twist tie. No prob. I like this kit partly because I like the movies. It has very nice box art. It comes with instructional manual, a vinyl modelling manual and a return envelope. Indy has an option of two poses - one with whip, another with machete. It has good Harrison Ford likeness. Scuplted by Moto Hata and made in Japan. Year 1993.

Collectible Value: Many collectors today are going for collectibles dolls from Medicom and Sideshow. So this is for the very niche G-kit market. Saw one on Ebay selling for USD70++ two weeks ago. Another problem - recast. You'll find lots of them in Ebay.

Spiderman G-Kit by Horizon

This is the other figure I bought also from Horizon. Spidey has a nice crouching pose. It comes with instruction manual, vinyl kit making manual and return envelope. The mising piece is a suction cup to stick spidey on window as an alternative way to display it. It doesn't look nice sticking spidey on the window because the suction cup loops over Spidey right hand. Still prefer the original crouching pose. So again, no prob with this missing accessory. Year 1994.

Collectible Value: Similar to Indy. Saw in eBay selling for USD30 for original.

Darth Vader Vinyl Kit by Amt/Ertl

This is the surpise free gift. There's no box nor instructiions. Its kind of a huge kit and what I like most is Vader's head which consist of the dome (made of hard plastic for glossy effect) and the face. Vader also got a good pose. Check out the net and found out that this is from Amt/Ertl. Judging from the details of the kits, it looks original. The missing piece: Lightsaber. From the net, the instructions manual show Vader holding Luke's lightsaber!? Duh! Perhaps can find substitute...

Optimus Prime & Megatron Premium Format avail at TRU

Went to TRU 1-U and Midvalley, there are stocks of Optimus Prime and Megatron Premium Format. Basically same figure as previously but done in metallic color. Prime has a new movie accurate head and right hand is switch to blade. If you miss the previous Prime release, this is your chance to get it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Trendmaster Mars Attack Collection Review

This Trendmaster toyline was based on Tim Burton's Mars Attack movie. I saw the Martian Spy Girl while visiting a fellow toy collector in the mid 90s. What I like about the figure is that it has a removable spy girl mask just like in the movie. Plus Trendmaster gives lots of accesories to accompany the figure. There are 2 versions of this figure (correct me if I m wrong) one being the normal version and another electronic version. Mine is the normal non-electronic version.
Play Value: 10/10 Figure comes with firing freeze ray blaster with 2 missiles, a blaster, a handbag, an earthling mask and all seeing spy eye ring which can be worn! There's electronic sound for the variation figure!
Collectible Value: 8/10. Still quite easily available at eBay. Selling for USD20-USD35.
This is really a cool toy with lots of fun built in it. I like this coz the flying saucer resembles those common UFOs.
Play Value: 10/10 The flying saucer comes with blazing lights in the cockpit, 5 Martian battle sound effects, opening canopy, retractable landing gear, retractable dual missile launcher, 2 night glow missiles and a glow in the dark Martian pilot figure with removable headgear! Plus you get a computer mission disk (PC game). Now that's what I called great play value!!
Collectible Value: 10/10. This is rarer and harder to get compared to the Martian Spy Girl. It sells for USD30-USD60. No, I don't think there'll be any re-issue.

Kenner Batman Returns Camo Batmobile Review

Though I already have the Toybiz Batmobile with cocoon from the 1st Tim Burton's Batman movie, I've always wanted to have the Dark Knight Collection Batmobile by Kenner which is a more accurate version compare to the ToyBiz batmobile. But the DK batmobile is more tougher to get and more pricey too. In eBay the price for a mint in box is over USD165. By chance in eBay, I got this batmobile but a repaint version - Camo Batmobile. Its still expensive but not as the original one. I have my three favorite batmobiles and this is one of them.

Play Value: 10/10 There are 4 action features plus a free exclusive Batman figure! It has launching turbo missile, flip-up fender blasters on both sides of the vehicle, bulletproof cockpit shields Batman from armed villains (actually nothing to shout about but if you compare it to the ToyBiz Batmobile which have no cockpit at all, then it's an action feature!) and my favorite, pop-out exhaust flame that spins as you roll along the batmobile. Just like in the movie!

Collectible Value: 10/10. Manufactured in 1994, it's hard to get even in eBay. Mint in box price is about USD100-USD150.

Kenner Batman & Robin Batmobile Review

I got this to complete my Batman movies batmobile collection. Once I saw this at the Store at dirt cheap price but didn't get it coz at that time haven't started my batmobiles collection yet. So I got this again in eBay.
Play Value: 6/10 It has only two action features - ice shatter missiles and vine attack blades that pops out from the rear tyres.
Collectible Value: 6/10 The movie wasn't really good, don't think there'll be lots of demand for this. You can still get from eBay at about USD20. The only plus point is that is manufactured by Kenner and since the Batman license is now with Mattel, there probably won't be any re-issue on this.