Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 90s Toy Collection

Most of my collection centers around Star Wars and Transformers but I won't go into that because I guess there are a lot of sites dedicated to Star Wars and Transformers stuff. I prefer to share some other great toys...Here are 2 of my favorites..

Kenner Jurassic Park Movie Toys
I watched this movie with my colleagues and I remember the long queues, the sold out tickets (we gotta booked our tickets in really really advance) and the screaming and yelling in the cinema. It was truly a memorable experience. The only toy I got back then was 3 Jurassic Park water squirters because at that time, I was still into model kits. I only collected the toys when JP2: The Lost World came out. Thanks to Ebay & the internet, now I have a complete collection of TN Nomura JP Dinosaurs, Japan's exclusive similar to Kenner issue. And also my favorite, the electronic T-Rex. It has roaring and stomping sound!

Collectible Interest: The original Kenner Jurassic Park T-Rex is rare to get even on Ebay, especially a mint in box item. The rest of the JP dinos and figures are quite limited too. Good luck hunting.

Trendmaster Independence Day (ID4) Movie Toys
I went to watch this movie without any expectation. Boy was I blown away with the special effects! I bacame an instant ID4 fan! But I didn't get the toys then (yeah..still into making model kits..duh!) I got a complete collection of figures and aliens (as far as the backing card shows) plus the Supreme Alien Commander (pic), the F18 Fighter Jet and the Alien Attacker Spaceship from an Australian collector. Thanks dude!
In the tradition of Trendmaster, the toys came with lots of accesories and fun features. The figures came with guns, backpack, helmets and other cool stuff. The ships came with electronic sounds, lights, pilot and alien pilot and missiles. If you like play value toys, check these out. All toys also comes with a computer mission disk.

Collectible Interest: The fighter jets and the aliens spaceships are harder to get. The figures and aliens are still quite common on eBay.

One regret I had about 90s toys was that I sold off the first Spawn and Violator figure (duh!) at a cheap price (double duh!). Should have kept it for memory sake. In the 90s, I was also into comics and I collected some of my favorite comics inspired figures like Vampirella and Kabuki by Clayburn Moore.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My 80s Toy Collection

If you grew up in the 80s, these toys should trigger some good ol memories..

A-Team by Galoob Soldier of Fortune set
The A-Team was one of my favorite TV show. The show was quite popular too. Funny till now there's no movie made...These toys are 3" tall, have better articulation compared to Kenner's Star Wars and they come with loads of guns and accesories. Collectible interest: Rare in eBay. Ebay priced at USD25-30

E.T. by LJN Toys
Almost every 80s kids knows about E.T. Till today, I've not watched the E.T. movie. When I was young, I only get to go to the movies like once....a year?.. That is if I m lucky. My most memorable movie when I was a kid was Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. My aunty brought me to Cathay cinema in Bukit Bintang for that. Okay back to the toys. Once I bought a ET keychain from Singapore, and my schoolmate stole it! I know its him though no evidence. Sorry diverted again, now back to the toys. I have one set of ET pvc toys, they have no articulation, just a piece of plastic. Duh. Another collectible I have is the wind-up ET figure. Its head bobbles as it walks. Cute. Collectible interest: Somewhat rare. USD10-18

Gremlins Hatcher by LJN Toys
Remember those toys you put in the water and it grows? Not sure if this is the origin of those toys. Gremlins Hatcher features two 'growing' creatures - Mogwai & Stripe. Included is a hatcher container. Collectible interest: Somewhat rare, USD10-20.

Ghostbusters Monsters by Kenner
Ghostbuster movie was a big hit way back in the 80s. I didn't get any of the toys when I was a kid. Just got some Ghostbusters stickers which I got for $0.05 cents and I sold to my cousin for $0.20 cents Heheh..Business is always in my genes..Collectible interest: Rare but most collectors go for the hero figures, Marshmallow Man and Ecto-1. So not may takers for these. USD10-20.

Kenner Star Wars
I only had 2 Kenner Star Wars figures when I was a kid. My mom bought for me Luke Jedi (I chose him because he has the most accesories - lightsaber, blaster and cape) and C3PO with removable limbs (I didn't know it was removable until my brother 'removed' them). My neighbour's kid came over to our house and he went to my room and play with my Luke Jedi. When I came back from school, my worst fear came true - that little brat lost my Luke's blaster! Anyway, these 2 figures bring me great play joy those days. Then they were lost. I bought them back (Luke - mint on card and C3PO resealed) for memory sake. Picture above shows the first 12 Star Wars figures complete with accesories in the exclusive mail-away stand. Buying these figures individually cost a bomb. I have one extra set for sale...interested...make an offer heheh.
Collectible interest: Quite rare, value depends on condition or whether graded by AFA - can go as high as thousands++ USD.

And I also have vintage Optimus Prime, He-Man...Perhaps I'll share some pics next time..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thanks bro on info on where to get toys in Singapore

Hi Nagfa

Thanks for sharing your experience and also tip on where to find toys and collectors in man!

Fellow collectors, check out his comments for the tip....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Toy Investment Goes Wrong

Being new in collecting toys way back in the 90s, I was easily influenced by others. One evening, I was at Sogo looking at these Voltron 3D figures by Trendmaster, I was 'prompted' to buy the figures by a 'passing by' collector. He said, "Get the girl, its rarer of the lot". So I got the girl. But you know, being a toy collector, once you have one figure, you would like to collect the whole set. So I got all the figures. When I reached home, kinda regret. It was impulse buying. Duh! Try to sell, nobody wants. Duh again! Good news is - I'll reserve this set for my future toy museum.
Lesson Learnt:
1) Never buy toys on impulse
2) Never buy toys because someone ask you to, buy because you like it.

Toy Investment Goes Wrong!

I collected and invested in toys in the 90s. My first internet sale was to a collector in US for the vintage Saint Seiyas. Good profit made. However investing in toys may not be rosy all the time.. Once I saw Wild Wild West toys on the shelves and decided to invest in it.

WWW is a movie - so must be good right?

WWW stars Will Smith - so must be good right?

Those days female figures command a higher price, so I got Rita Escobar of WWW, must be good right? I hope I was right but unfortunately the movie didn't do well and till today I m stuck with WWW figures!

The good news, its been almost a decade now and these figures can be catergorized as vintage. Now I m not selling them hehehe...About the WWW toys - it was made by X-toys. It has decent sculpt and likeness. It comes with good action features & accessories. The Desert Wasp vehicle is actually 2 in 1, you get the bicycle and the flyer. It shoots 2 missiles. These are really cool toys..its just that not enough people like it...

Always Good to Meet Fellow Collectors

Hi Nagfa
Thanks for the comment. Always a pleasure to meet with people who shares the same passion.