Thursday, September 24, 2009

Invincible Iron Man Movie Figure

I wanted to get this figure when it first came out. But I was hoping for a miracle to happen, that it would go for 50-70% sale!! After a while, this figure was dissapearing fom the shelves. I was at Sogo a couple of months back, there were 5 pieces. Then I went again about a month later, there were 4 pieces left. I went there a couple more times..still no buyer nor sale. Yesterday I went again, only 1 piece left!! The miracle didn't happen but then I still got it for 10% off.

Now on the Iron Man. Hasbro did a decent job on this figure. Of course you can't compare to the other Iron Man figures out there, especially from Hot Toys in which you pay a premium.
It has good sculpt, good metallic red and gold paint job and loads of play value! It has a removable mask, a jetpack (wonder whats it for since he could fly without it), snap on blaster x 2, snap on laser vision targeting harness, 6 projectiles (3 repulsor missiles, 2 missiles and 1 arm canon) and a retractable long range artillery! It has electronic speech "I am Iron Man!" "Repulsor Blast" "Target Engaged!" and blast effect sound, flying and landing sound plus lights on chest and hand. Articulation is quite basic at hands, elbows, legs and knees. This figure display well!

Collectible Value: 5/10 Price may go up in future as the next Iron Man movie is coming. However there may be re-issue on this figure.
Play Value: 10/10 C'mon what more could you ask for?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Transformers Human Alliance & Optimus Prime found in Subang

I was in Subang Carrefour - there were lots of Human Alliance Bumblebee/Sam and Skids/Mikaela and also in Parkson Subang Parade. Also saw Optimus Prime Leader Class. Grab em if you havent got em.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009


I bought a set of 10 Kaiyodo King Kong dioramas 'blind figures' (meaning you don't know what you gonna get) and though there are 4 duplicates, I am satisfied because I am very impressed by the quality of the figures. The details and paint job are absolutely amazing. And these are small about 3-4" tall. ! Wonder how those Japs make such fine details on these mini figures. Each diorama comes with base and a concept art write-up written in Japanese. Check em out!


I got these 3 Transformers Human Alliance figures - Bumblebee with Sam, Skids & Arcee with Mikaela and Sideswipe with Ebbs - and I was very satisfied with quality and play features of the toy. I won't write a review here but you can see many reviews of these in Youtube. These figures are absolutely cool - in their looks and playability!! Plus there's an easter eggs surprise (features not shown in packaging or instruction sheet) in some figures..for example Sideswipe have a Battle Mask and Skids have a 'moving mouth' talking feature! Only one set back, the human figures don't look much though articulated. Available in stores..some shops selling for RM200 already..Fortunately I got the Skids with a surprise 10% discount from Isetan...Yaaay!