Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lately don't have any mood to blog. Part of the reason I guess...these days you can get toy reviews from YouTube. Also I've not really been buying toys till recently with the year end sale. Anyway I would like to share my Sar Wars Lego Collection. This was prompted by my recent purchase of Star Wars Advent Calender set - which consist of 24 mini figures, ships and accesories! It has got an exclusive Yoda in Santa outfit!

I've collected Legos when they first launched the Star Wars license. Mostly I got from warehouse sale ...kekeke. My favorite was the Darth Vader Technic which I got free from a company dinner lucky draw. I've got two more free items, one is a mini Lego tie-fighter that was given to me by a mamak newstand in Midvalley. Apparently the toy was detached from the magazine it came free with. The other was the Escape Pod with C3PO and Artoo set. I also remember buying Darth Vader, Darth Maul & Luke Lego keychains when I was in HK. (They were not available here those days)..Oh yes, then there's Star Wars Lego watches, LED torch, pens ...well I got most of them at a discount. As for ships, I've got the X-Wing, Slave 1, Speeder bikes and a few others which I can't remember...and also forgotten where I put them....

I buy Lego because of Star Wars, not really because I like Legos. Checked EBay on those Star Wars Legos I have...the prices are so-so only...duh..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Toys Premiums

Once again, KFC got the license to issue Transformers movie premium. Very lame and bad quality compared to the previous ROTF movie premium. These toys doesn't transform, limited play value and look like bootleg! Optimus has a light feature on his chest (like lot of bootlegs toys) Ironhide has a rotating gun, Bumblebee with sound and Starscream with color change. Well McDonalds latest premium, Batman The Brave and The Bold seem to better, in terms of design, play value and quality. It looks like this set is a continuation of the previous set. Looks really good on display!

Optimus Prime Acquisition

It's been few months since I last blogged. Part of the reason for the long silence was because I actually forgotten my password! came back to me recently..

This is to update my new acquisition of Optimus Prime...after years of hunting, I finally acquire Machine Wars Optimus Prime! With the new transformers movie going on, I've got the Takaratomy Voyager Prime with trailer. A bit dissappointed coz the trailer is kinda useless except to store weapons! Then I got the Walmart exclusive Prime (carded), Prime with Comettor (re-issue with different paint job, matrix, battle hooks and featuring Optimus face), Cyberverse Prime with trailer (my favorite so far) and finally the Ultimate Optimus Prime with trailer which is stated as the largest Optimus Prime figure! Well, there wasn't a lot of play value in this ultimate figure. The trailer transforms into some kind of armor suit for Optimus to slipped into. I havent buy the reular voyager Prime yet and I already saw another 2 versions of Optimus coming up...when will they stop? Except for the Ultimate Prime in which some shops said they are 'sold out', the rest of the DOTM Prime can still be easily found in shops and departmental stores. As proven again and again, Hasbro will re-issue these in other buy coz u love it...investment....nah..

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today I completed the Marvel Secret Wars twin pack figures with comic set. 12 in all. Some of these packs are hard to get such as the Dr Doom pack. Many of these are peg warmers but I've waited long for the price to down. Tired of waiting, I bought the last four packs and completed the collection. Bought this for nostalgic reasons and also a way to group almost all the popular Marvel superheroes.


Voltron was one of my favorite cartoon in the 80s. Unfortunately, due to economical reasons, I never had any Voltron toys when I was small. In the 90s when Trendmasters re-issued the toys under Voltron 3D, I bought a whole set of figures and also the Voltron robot. Sadly, the robot is made of plastic. Then a collector friend told me of a diecast version available, so I went with him and bought the diecast Voltron. It happen to be a lousy bootleg. It was not accurate. The belt buckle had a 'V' instead of the 'Star'. The Yellow Lion face plate is sealed and the instructions is printed on the cover. All in all, very dissappointed. I sold it off. Recently I came across a Taiwan made Voltron, which is still a bootleg, but a much more accurate one. Belt buckle is star, Yellow Lion face plate can be opened and it has a full color printed instruction booklet. The paint job is passable. At last, a near accurate Voltron replica...

This figure is based on the original Golion of Japan. It has loads of missiles of different sizes, weapons that can attached to the lions and of course, the Blazing Sword! Very heavy figure as many parts are diecast. The red and green lion have launching fist (lion head) feature!

Hmmm... I am now am contemplating for an original GoLion vintage...which cost over 10x more than this!!