Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2000 Bandai Motorized Godzilla Latex Model Kit Review

I don't really consider the Bandai's 2000 Godzilla Motorized Latex Model Kit (Japan Exclusive) to be a model kit. It's kinda a hybrid between model kit and electronic toy. Let me explain. First its a pre-painted latex figure, (almost 3/4 complete Godzilla) an electronic motor, some exoskeleton and latex pre-painted fins and tail. When completed, this is one cool Godzilla! It walks and screams!
It was issued in the year 2000.
The figure is about 6" tall and the whole figure exterior is made of latex/rubber. Kinda of give it a real monster skin feel. Cool! Also, its reasonably well pre-painted.
An interesting note, the electronic motor had a Bandai trademark and a year 1993 embossed on. But the exo-skeleton tail had a Bandai trademark with year 2000 embossed. So I guess the body is made in 2000 while the motor is re-issued from previous 1993 Godzilla model.
Looking at the instruction sheet, it's quite easy to build.
It has beautiful box art, both outside and inside. Also stated on the box - "For Sale in Japan Only". It retails in Malaysia for RM250. Hard to find these days.
Ebay Buy It Now Price: USD60 - USD189 ..Yeah I know the big difference and that's exactly what I saw in Ebay. Recommended to Godzilla collectors.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Large Ultraman Vinyl Figures Review

Here are some vinyl Ultraman figures I collect...Taro, the biggest of the lot is about 18". Its by Chaiyo. The center Ultraman, also by Chaiyo, is about 12". The last slouching pose Ultraman is by Banpresto, also about 12". All inarticulate (except for Taro, where you can move his arms) ...for display only.
Chaiyo Ultraman Taro - features signature Taro pose, good paint job, nice color and sculpted eyes, articulated arms
Chaiyo Ultraman - features not really a dynamic pose but interesting, good paint job and nicely sculpted eyes
Banpresto Ultraman - good pose, paint job and sculpt...an interesting note, on his feet there ia a 'Not for Sale' embossed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

McDonalds Spiderman Animated Figures

I've just completed my McDonalds Animated figures today. This is one of the better Happy Meals toys offered. The set comprises of 8 figures. Why I like them - it has dynamic poses, good sculpting and color, standard play features and best of all, it has four most popular villains of Spiderman - Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom and Sandman. Here's what the toys can do

Spiderman (red) with suction cup (duh!)
Spiderman (black) Swinging (pull & auto retract string )
Spiderman (red) Launcher (shoots web projectile)
Spiderman (black) Crawling (pull release feature)
Green Goblin (push - runs on wheelie)
Venom (water squirter)
Sandman (shoots Sand hand projectile)
Doc Ock (suction cups)

Recommended - either for play or display!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My First Collection - Stickers!

I am always a collector..even when I was a very young kid. I remembered the very first stuff I collected was stickers! My mom uses to take me to the market in Jalan Bukit Bintang (now Lot 10) and there was an old man who sell these stickers for RM0.05 each. Mom would give me 10 cents to get stickers (sometime 20 cents when she's in a good mood/or have no change) and I'll be damn happy! Here's my collection I've kept till today...hope to bring some good ol memories...

Above are some Disney characters stickers..The quality of the stickers cutting are poor, some actually cut to the very side of the characters...Those were the quality of yesteryears..
Below are Captain Future set, the Marvel Heroes set ( Being generous, I gave some of these away to my cousins when I was a kid, this is what's left) and the lot of stickers I have..I have more not pictured here...
I have the vintage Star Wars stickers I got for RM0.20 from a guy nicknamed Penguin when I was in STD 2..yup I still remember coz 20 cents was a lot of money back then..

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Vintage Tin Toys Collection

I used to play with tin toys from China when I was very young. Those toys are 'hand-me-down' toys as I can't recall my parents ever buying them for me. One distinct feature about tin toys is that it has some kind of smell..dunno how to describe it. In my effort to have a toy museum, I collected some tin toys, for nostalgic reasons and also for future generations to see how toys have evolved. These tin toys from China are usually from the 60s and 70s.

The first picture shows a tin truck with panda inside. The truck have friction sound when push, and the baby panda inside slides from side to side. I used to have one of these but can't remember if the animals inside was panda. The other car was a BMW sedan. Again it has friction sound when push or pull.

One of my favorite is the police car. When you push/pull it, it has sparkles that light up the siren thingy...and windows as well. The taxi is similar to the police car, minus the sparkles.

Next, I have the common wind-up jumping frog. Beware when buying, there are re-issues today, the difference is in the eye. The vintage have painted eyes whereas the new ones have 'pasted on' wiggly eyes. Then I have a mini wind up tank. My favorite of the lot is the tin easter egg. You push down the lever, the egg spins and you see a cute little chick inside. According to an antique dealer, this easter egg is from the 1960s. How to check? The 'made in China' sticker behind the toy uses a traditional Mandarin of China, whereas the 1970s version have a simplified Mandarin for the word 'China".

Collectible Value: These are quite rare in Ebay. Most of the vintage tin toys I found in EBay are from Japan. Saw some of these trading at USD24++