Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Vintage Acquisition - ROTJ Ewoks Wicket

This Wicket Warrick figure is not really in my radar. However I came across a great deal at eBay - got it for USD20 only! Another reason I got him was because he's the 'main character' among the Ewoks. Its selling here for over RM200++ at flea market. Usual selling price is USD75++ for a minty carded figure. Well for that price, there's lots of creases on the card plus the bubble is kinda crushed and cracked and missing a piece in the center. But its still mint on an unpunched card. Made in Hong Kong. 1983. The figure is kinda cute ..small. One interesting note is that this Wicket staff/spear is placed on his right side but I saw some others which placed on the left.

Friday, October 8, 2010

7-11 Kamen Rider BottleCap Figures with Stage

Today, I found this set of 7-11 Premium - Kamen Rider Bottlecap Figures with Stage / Base. I found this in Kota Kinabalu, in a small video cum toy shop. This set is over 8 years old toy, dated 2002. Some of the figures had become sticky. Hence I got this set for over 50% discount. There are 15 figures in all. It's painted silver. I've seen a full color version offered in Hong Kong. Underneath each bottlecaps are the 7-11 mark, some Japanese inscription and number from 1-15. It comes with a brown box. Display really nice. Have always wanted this...finally found it for a good price..eBay selling for USD39.90