Saturday, June 28, 2008

Batman Dark Knight SD Figures Nestle Premiums

Went to the supermarket and saw Nestle KoKo Krunch & Honey Stars having the latest Batman Dark Knight movie premiums. The big packs offers 4 SD (Super Deformed) figures - 2 types of Batman, 1 Scarecrow & 1 Joker. Cute sculpt and a very decent paint job. They come with punching and kicking features. Very cool. Check it out. The smaller packs offer Batman gadgets. I didn't buy those....yet.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

X-Men 2 Movie ToyBiz X-Jet Review

When the first movie came out, I wanted to get the X-jet. Since I saw not many people are interested in the toys those days, I decided to wait....and wait.....and I finally forgotten about it. Then the X-Men toys dissapeared from the stores. I was lucky to pick one X2 X-jet from a store in Subang at 50% discount. The store is closing down.

The X2 X-jet looks like a re-issue of the first X-Jet. the difference is some slight retooling in the cockpit, wings and also color. The 1st version came in dark blue, whereas this one came in metallic blueish grey.

Play Value: 10/10 This toy has lots of play features!

1) It has automatic opening cockpit with sound

2) Electronic lights up effects with thunderous sounds around the jet

3) Shoots 2 missiles with blasting sound effects

4) Raise & lower landing gear with sound effects

5) Cockpit fit 1 figure (this is the only setback)

6) Realistic electronic jet idlel and soaring sounds

7) Retractable handle

8) Bonus Wolverine figure

Collectible Value: Made in 2003. Not many takers. Ebay price hovering at USD15-USD40.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Toys Will Be Toys...And They Break!

Sometimes I wonder why I collect toys. I don't play with them. Hardly display them. I just prefer them encased in their plastic sarcophagus and view them in their minty glory. I seldom de-virginize a toy ( I learnt this term from a fellow Barbie collector who 'de-virginize' Barbies), I just collect and keep. My wife said its wasting money. Funny, she seemed to be more supportive of this 'money wasting' hobby when she's was my girlfriend. And I of course gave the standard answer - "Oh, its for investment. I m gonna sell it off ya know.."

One thing that disappoints me in this hobby is this - no matter how well you play, keep, or display your toys..a time will come when your toy will ... break, discolor or screw up!

Check this out - A Batman Begins Batman to Ninja Bruce figure. Its open for display and stored in a glass cabinet. Recently I got a surprise because on close inspection, the soft rubber Batman cowl has started to crack on the side! I can understand if a vintage toy starts to loose its limbs or two (check out vintage Skeletor) but this figure came out only 3 years ago!? Furthermore it was not harshly handled or played. Why collect toys only to watch them deteriorate?

In case you are wondering..I collect Chogokin - diecast metal toys. They wont break right? Wrong! Check out the Masked Rider Kuuga with Chogokin armor. Its armor broke into pieces when I tried to remove it from the packaging.

Oh and there's more broken toy horror stories ..Princess Leia white gown doll has got stain marks.......

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mattel Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile Review Spoiler Alert?

When I saw the upcoming movie Dark Knight Stealth batmobile in stores, I knew I had to get it. It boast 'Real Movie Moments Performance'. Wonder what that means. Movie Spoiler perhaps?

Play Value: 9/10 This is a 2-in-1 vehicle. Press the 1st button, the side panel of the batmobile pops off (Movie spoiler: Is the batmobile going to be crash/blown off in movie?). Press the 2nd button, it launches the Bat-pod with Batman figure. The included Batman figure have a fixed sitting pose. It appears that it is stuck to the Bat-pod. Even if its not, there's nothing much you can display with this crouching Batman. It fires 2 missiles. The Batmobile can seat 1 Batman figure.

Collectible Value: Hard to say. Still too new to speculate. Buy because you like it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Toys Collectibles & Collectibles Toys...

What kind of toys you collect? People asked me. All kinds.
But I prefer some type of toys over the others. Let me explain.
I catergorize toys into two groups:

Collectible Toys: Some toys company deliberately make the toy as an adult collectible. For example, ToysMcCoy Indiana Jones figure, limited to 3000 pieces worldwide. His Arabian horse, limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. Another example are special/exclusive editions, toys created with a different paint scheme (silver Darth Vader) or comes with different accessories . Because of this limited/special/exclusive edition, by default it became a collectible.

Toys Collectibles: These are toys produced for the mass market but due to its popularity and buyers interest, it became collectibles. For instance, vintage Star Wars/He-Man/Transformers figures. Toy companies are re-issuing some of these toys to capitalize on the demand.

For me, I prefer the latter one - Toys collectibles - toys that are meant for the mass market, toys that are meant to be played with. Toys that evolved to become a collectible. But that just me.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hasbro Fantastic Four Movie Fantasticar Review

I bought the FF movie Fantasticar at a great discount and open to inspect its contents. To my surprise, it actually has some great play value not mention in the box! The Fantasticar is 3-in1 vehicle - 3 smaller ships combined to form Fantasticar.

Play Value: 9/10:
The 1st ship - press a button at the side, the wings pop out. It shoots 2 missiles.
The 2nd ship - flip open wings, press trigger, it drop 2 bombs.
The 3rd ship - flip open wings & spoiler. It shoots 2 missiles.
All ships can be combined to form a big ship.Plus you get a free super stretch Mr Fantastic.
Lastly, the Fantasticar can fit all 4 members of the FF.! Cool.

Collectible Value: 7/10 Not sure if its value will go up in future. Buy this because you like it or like the play value. Remember, today's merchandise may be tomorrow's collectible.

Kenner Batman Returns Turbojet Batwing Review

What? Another Batman toy review? Another Batwing? So you guess it, I must a Batman collector right? Almost. I collect mostly movie related toys, so Batman is one of my favorites. Major part of my collection comprises of Star Wars, then Transformers which I focus only on Prime and Megatron plus a few other 'big' guys, then its Batman.

This Batwing is a re-issue from the Dark Knight collection Batwing. It boast 3 vehicles in 1. Two actually. The Batwing can convert to a Street car. Then the wings can be used as a glider. I do not consider the glider as a 'vehicle'. This is a nicer rendition of Batwing compared to the ToyBiz version.

Play Value: 9/10. It shoots missiles. Batwing converts to Street car. The wings can be attached to a Batman figure as glider. Cockpit opens to fit figures inside.

Collectible Value: 10/10 Hard to find even in eBay. This is cheaper compared to the DK first issue but more expensive than the ToyBiz version. Price range USD100++

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ToyBiz Batman Movie Batwing Review

I recently got a vintage ToyBiz Batwing from Ebay. Was disappointed. When checked with the seller, he said the toy is complete with all inserts. When it came, it was missing one missile and the instruction sheet. And the box was crappy. The parcel arrived with a sealed tape from our Custom. Apparently they have opened the package to inspect what's inside. Not sure if its the Custom people who lost the items or the seller wasn't honest.

The toy came with 6 missiles originally (mine only 5) and a trigger mechanism that activates the villain cruncher. The Batwing fires 2 missiles with trigger underneath both sides of the vehicle. I guess the villain cruncher is to simulate the Batwing 'scissors' cutting scene in the original Tim Burton movie. The Batwing looks a bit bulky compared to the Kenner Dark Knight's version.

Play Value 8/10 - Fires missiles, activates villain cruncher with a trigger, opening canopy and molded cockpit details. Ok the last one doesn't seem to be much to shout about today but remember this toy came out in 1989. In those days, a molded cockpit details is special!

Collectible Value 9/10 - Getting harder to find these days especially in good condition. Saw one selling at USD60 and another USD99.

Mystery of the Missing Decal Solved

Years ago I bought a G.I. Joe Rapid Fire motorbike model kit at Yaohan (Now Parkson) and found that the kit was missing its decals. The decal sheet was there, just that there are no decals. Funny.

Recently while shifting my model kits collection, I decided to inspect my Revell Batman Forever Batwing model kit. The kit is fine. The chrome part is still shiny. Then I saw the decal sheet which was supposed to have the batman Forever logo. Parts of it goes 'invisible'. Check it out.
Not sure what caused it. Our weather perhaps? So model kits collectors - beware.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hasbro Great Deals at Metrojaya Midvalley!

Was in Metrojaya Midvalley yesterday and found Hasbro items at 70% discount. But these are old stocks - Fantasticar, Ghost Rider, Spiderman Unleashed, Spiderman (kiddy line), Star Wars Titanium and VOTC figures. Go check it out!