Saturday, June 28, 2008

Batman Dark Knight SD Figures Nestle Premiums

Went to the supermarket and saw Nestle KoKo Krunch & Honey Stars having the latest Batman Dark Knight movie premiums. The big packs offers 4 SD (Super Deformed) figures - 2 types of Batman, 1 Scarecrow & 1 Joker. Cute sculpt and a very decent paint job. They come with punching and kicking features. Very cool. Check it out. The smaller packs offer Batman gadgets. I didn't buy those....yet.

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nagfa said...

Hi, nice blog you have here, dedicated to something we all take comfort in: toys!

we ourselves (try) to collect Batmobiles (Toybiz-Kenner-Mattel) and so far had about 11 of them. We prefer out of the box (oddly) for they are better displays though Mattel's ingenius packaging makes the latest lines easier to display without taking them out of the box.

Our most cherished Batmobile would be the 2-in-1 with Robin's cycle, once recalled off the shelves due to the sharp pointy wing tip.

We are now waiting eagerly - like vultures - for the double whammy from The Dark Knight: the 2 in 1Tumbler and the Lamborgini..

We assume you're from Malaysia? If you are, a hello from your neighbours from Singapore. :)

salam (peace)