Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Always Good to Meet Fellow Collectors

Hi Nagfa
Thanks for the comment. Always a pleasure to meet with people who shares the same passion.

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nagfa said...

Wow, a post on its own just to acknowledge our comments! Thanks.

These two recent postings on Voltron and WWW are humourous. We had a similar experience: we were out hunting for batmobiles during the Spiderman 1 came out, and went out of our way and bought a Spidercar. I mean, that is not even logical, Spiderman driving!

Obviously, a purely business tactic from the creators. (On a sidenot, there was once even a Superman's car, very similar action mechanism as the Bruce Wayne's Coupe!)

So, naturally, we bought the other car from the next Spidey movie. Now we are 'stuck' with 12 Batmobiles and 2 'out-of-point' SpiderCars..

Just an update, we just bought the Lamborgini from Dark Knight; superb transformation with just a pull.