Saturday, July 19, 2008

My 80s Toy Collection

If you grew up in the 80s, these toys should trigger some good ol memories..

A-Team by Galoob Soldier of Fortune set
The A-Team was one of my favorite TV show. The show was quite popular too. Funny till now there's no movie made...These toys are 3" tall, have better articulation compared to Kenner's Star Wars and they come with loads of guns and accesories. Collectible interest: Rare in eBay. Ebay priced at USD25-30

E.T. by LJN Toys
Almost every 80s kids knows about E.T. Till today, I've not watched the E.T. movie. When I was young, I only get to go to the movies like once....a year?.. That is if I m lucky. My most memorable movie when I was a kid was Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. My aunty brought me to Cathay cinema in Bukit Bintang for that. Okay back to the toys. Once I bought a ET keychain from Singapore, and my schoolmate stole it! I know its him though no evidence. Sorry diverted again, now back to the toys. I have one set of ET pvc toys, they have no articulation, just a piece of plastic. Duh. Another collectible I have is the wind-up ET figure. Its head bobbles as it walks. Cute. Collectible interest: Somewhat rare. USD10-18

Gremlins Hatcher by LJN Toys
Remember those toys you put in the water and it grows? Not sure if this is the origin of those toys. Gremlins Hatcher features two 'growing' creatures - Mogwai & Stripe. Included is a hatcher container. Collectible interest: Somewhat rare, USD10-20.

Ghostbusters Monsters by Kenner
Ghostbuster movie was a big hit way back in the 80s. I didn't get any of the toys when I was a kid. Just got some Ghostbusters stickers which I got for $0.05 cents and I sold to my cousin for $0.20 cents Heheh..Business is always in my genes..Collectible interest: Rare but most collectors go for the hero figures, Marshmallow Man and Ecto-1. So not may takers for these. USD10-20.

Kenner Star Wars
I only had 2 Kenner Star Wars figures when I was a kid. My mom bought for me Luke Jedi (I chose him because he has the most accesories - lightsaber, blaster and cape) and C3PO with removable limbs (I didn't know it was removable until my brother 'removed' them). My neighbour's kid came over to our house and he went to my room and play with my Luke Jedi. When I came back from school, my worst fear came true - that little brat lost my Luke's blaster! Anyway, these 2 figures bring me great play joy those days. Then they were lost. I bought them back (Luke - mint on card and C3PO resealed) for memory sake. Picture above shows the first 12 Star Wars figures complete with accesories in the exclusive mail-away stand. Buying these figures individually cost a bomb. I have one extra set for sale...interested...make an offer heheh.
Collectible interest: Quite rare, value depends on condition or whether graded by AFA - can go as high as thousands++ USD.

And I also have vintage Optimus Prime, He-Man...Perhaps I'll share some pics next time..

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nagfa said...

Another quality posting! Galoob! When was the last time I've heard that!! Been a loyal fan since I discovered your blog.. Crave for more..

Tell you this though: I'll be one of the first to visit you museum when it's up and running!

Ecto-1's the best! Here is Singapore, it's selling S$150-$200.