Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Toy Investment Goes Wrong

Being new in collecting toys way back in the 90s, I was easily influenced by others. One evening, I was at Sogo looking at these Voltron 3D figures by Trendmaster, I was 'prompted' to buy the figures by a 'passing by' collector. He said, "Get the girl, its rarer of the lot". So I got the girl. But you know, being a toy collector, once you have one figure, you would like to collect the whole set. So I got all the figures. When I reached home, kinda regret. It was impulse buying. Duh! Try to sell, nobody wants. Duh again! Good news is - I'll reserve this set for my future toy museum.
Lesson Learnt:
1) Never buy toys on impulse
2) Never buy toys because someone ask you to, buy because you like it.

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nagfa said...

Talking about Toy Museums, (maybe you already know), there's one in Singapore - all 4 storeys of it - owned and maintained by an individual collector from China. The collection's one of the foremost in the world, though maybe as it's more towards the 1900s-1950/60s (the usual tin toys, space rockets, 40s batmobiles, etc...), many of 'my' kind of toys (those from cartoon shows from the 80s) are missing.

There's also a weekend 'garage sale' of toys galore here in Chinatown (China Square Central) where collectors from Singapore congregate and admire mint to maimed toys from the carefree years.