Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ultraman Ruishi vs Ultraman Tiga Bandai

I loved Ultraman ever since I was a kid. Still rememeber the days when I was in primary school afternoon session rushing home just to catch the last 5 minutes of the show. Usually that time, the Ultraman is doing his famous finale cross hand laser shootout that blast the monster to oblivion. Now I watched the Ultraman Tiga with my kids and guess what? There are still the cross hand laser finale shootout...and of course the effects are better.

Here are a review of two Ultraman figures I like. One made by Ruishi and another by Bandai.

Electronic Ultraman by Ruishi

- Eyes light up
- Chest button blinks
- Chop sound effect and Ultraman music (but sound is poor quality)
- Comes with 2 batteries
- Limited articulation, fixed pose, good for display
- Decent sculpting
- Box art - looks cheap.
- Toy cost retail RM56.00
- Survived my 2-year old son playing.

Electronic Ultraman Tiga by Bandai

- Eyes light up
- Chest button first slow, then faster..and faster like the TV show . Cool!
- Transformation, chopping, chest button blinking and blasting - sound effects! Good sound quality.
- Highly articulated. For play rather than display.
- Decent sculpting.
- Box art - looks exciting!
- Toy cost retail RM159.00.
- Didin't survived my 2 year old son playing. The left leg was broken. I glued it back.

So which is better? You judge yourself. But I'll go for Bandai, the play value is just so cool!

Vintage Star Wars Bounty Hunters Set

I just got my Star Wars Empire Strikes Back vintage bounty hunter figures set yesterday. They are Boba Fett, 4-Lom, Dengar, Bossk, Zuckuss and IG88. All come complete with original weapons. Except for 4-Lom which is missing the chest plate harness. I m very satisified with this purchase as I got it quite reasonable at Ebay...but then I got up at 5.30 am to place the bid. The figures are in very good condition with minor paint/play wear. My favorite of course is the Boba Fett figure..always wanted this for a long time.

These are the 6 bounty hunters that Darth Vader summoned to find the Millenium Falcon in the ESB movie. These figures have limited articulation compared to today's standards but to my surprise, it does have good sculpt and likeness. Perhaps these are 'creatures', so may be easier to sculpt accurately compared to human faces. I m also impressed with 4-Lom's coat..its like made of

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Clone Wars Coming to McDoanlds

Its been some time since I last wrote. Been into an emotional roller coaster with my business. Times are tough now..but this will soon pass..
Met some new collectors last about what else? toys of course..It's good to be able to take my mind off the pressure of businesss once in a while..
Oh yeah, saw an ad on McDonalds, they are doing Clone Wars promotion starting 28 Aug..gotta catch em all!..

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Ugly Side of Some Toy Collectors

When 'The Batman' toys hit the shelves some time ago, my collector friend told me of an incident. He said some toy collector have been ripping and damaging the peg area of The Batman carded figures in Carrefour. I said "Probably some kids doing". "No, this guy only ripped those carded figures that collectors want!" he exclaimed. Still skeptical, I went to Carrefour to check it out. True enough, all those nice figures are ripped at the peg area. Then I went to Parkson Stores, same thing happened. Then to few more departmental stores, same thing happened! This guy only ripped the good figures. What is amazing is that this bugger knew when the figures are hitting the stores! All those case fresh figures are not spared! Well this kinda act will of course anger some 'minty glory' collectors like my friend, who will not buy any figure even with a single scratch on the card! Later, we notice he's ripping the not-so sought after figures as well. Presumably trying to hide the fact and making people think its kinda random act by some insane kids. But no, it seems a lot of collectors already knew this idiotic act. One even knew who this sickening bugger is.
This goes to show, how amazingly selfish some people can be. And this is only toys. Duh..