Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Ugly Side of Some Toy Collectors

When 'The Batman' toys hit the shelves some time ago, my collector friend told me of an incident. He said some toy collector have been ripping and damaging the peg area of The Batman carded figures in Carrefour. I said "Probably some kids doing". "No, this guy only ripped those carded figures that collectors want!" he exclaimed. Still skeptical, I went to Carrefour to check it out. True enough, all those nice figures are ripped at the peg area. Then I went to Parkson Stores, same thing happened. Then to few more departmental stores, same thing happened! This guy only ripped the good figures. What is amazing is that this bugger knew when the figures are hitting the stores! All those case fresh figures are not spared! Well this kinda act will of course anger some 'minty glory' collectors like my friend, who will not buy any figure even with a single scratch on the card! Later, we notice he's ripping the not-so sought after figures as well. Presumably trying to hide the fact and making people think its kinda random act by some insane kids. But no, it seems a lot of collectors already knew this idiotic act. One even knew who this sickening bugger is.
This goes to show, how amazingly selfish some people can be. And this is only toys. Duh..

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