Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Recently I got 3 Kurt Adler Star Wars Mpire Ornament from the US.
My favorite one is the Luke and Leia M&Ms in the classic Star Wars pose.
It's very cute. These ornaments are quite heavy, made of plaster if not mistaken. Can be very fragile. Each one comes with a tag and the copyright sticker is at the bottom of the base. The paint job on these figures are so-so. Still, it looks good on display.

The Luke/Leia poster pose version is kinda rare in Ebay. And they are not cheap either. Recommended for die-hard Star Wars fan..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

ToysRus Clearance Sale!!

Toy Collectors - check it out
Been to TRU Midvalley and 1-U, they are having a clearance sale.
Nemesis Prime - RM56, Star Wars Comic Pack RM30, McFarlane toys - 50% discount, SpeedRacer 70% discount.....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hasbro Star Wars & Transformers Toys Reduced Price at Metrjaya Midvalley

I was at Metrojaya Midvalley and there were discounts on some Hasbro toys:
1) Star Wars Force Unleashed 3 Pack: Vader with Incinerator Troopers & Emperor with Shadow Troopers - RM35 per set
2) Star Wars Battle Packs - RM75
3) Transformers Deluxe - Animated & Anniversary - RM45
4) Big Animated Prime - RM199
....and some other stuff...
Is this the sign of the economic situation?...Hmmm..