Saturday, February 25, 2012

World Smallest Transformers (WST) Optimus, Ultra-Magnus, Tiger Tracks & G2 Optimus

My first World's Smallest Transformers (WST) was a VSX Optimus Convoy & Megatron from Dengeki Hobby Magazine. I got it for RM40. Now, this set is selling at eBay for USD95 (approx RM313+)! This WST Optimus figure doesn't come with the trailer. Last year I saw a clear WST Optimus with trailer. So I bought it without first checking the price on eBay, and got suckered into paying RM100 bucks! Recently, while hunting for a G2 Optimus (in my effort to collect Optimus Prime of various versions), I came across a set of WST G2 Clear Black Optimus and Yellow Clear Ultra Magnus with Tiger Tracks. I got all 3 for only RM100, imported from HongKong. It arrived yesterday and I m very pleased with this purchase. The Clear Black G2 prime - it comes with cab, roller, gun, 2 big missile launcher and the black box with autobot logo on the trailer front. It has a Decepticon logo - so is this Nemesis Prime? I got to know from the net that these WST Transformers are custom made (means not licensed) but the quality and details of these figures are amazing and as good as the original.The Clear Yellow Ultra Magnus - it comes with trailer, 2 missile launchers, 2 guns, 2 fists, head/helmet, sticker sheet and the cab. What's cool about this is that the trailer transform into a larger robot. Tiger Tracks can fit into Ultra Magnus' trailer. Very nice! These figures doesn't comes with instruction. Transformation for the cab is easy. For the trailer I checked out Youtube for the transformation tips - found out that it's simply amazing! Even though this figure is so small, the details and engineering behind the transformation is simply amazing! Highly recommended for collectors of Transformers. Price is still very reasonable at eBay (as of now) and play value is 10/10!

I discovered there's another G2 Optimus Prime (besides the G2 Laser Prime and Hero Prime). I bought one from eBay USA. This version is dated 1992. It comes with black trailer, have shooting missiles and an electronic light and voice box with Autobot logo. Basically the Prime figure is the same as G1. The addition is the shooting missiles feature and the electronic voice box. It also comes with Roller and the rest of the accessories that comes with the G1 Prime. Quite rare and pricey these days.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

He-Man & Masters of the Universe Collection

He-Man & Masters of the Universe (MOTU) by Mattel was a great toyline in the 1980s. I still remember I was very young when my mom brought me to Klasse Dept Store (Now Parkson) in Sg Wang and a sales guy approach my mum and promoted the MOTU to my mom, saying it was a great toy and a cartoon coming soon. My mom asked me if I wanted it, of course I said yes! And my mom got me a He-Man figure. Sadly that was the ONE and ONLY figure she got for me. I played, 'abused' and had loads of fun with He-Man. After some years, I threw it away during one spring cleaning. I was a kid then....duuuh..if only I knew the value of toys then...I got a pair of complete He-Man (with axe, half sword & shield) with Battlecat (with full armour) and also Skeletor (with sword but missing his staff) and Panthor (with full armor) in the early year 1999 or 2000, can't really recall exactly. Quite pricey but wanted to have it as a 'tangible childhood memory'. I've been searching for Skeletor's staff since then. The search ended today. I found it at flea market (where else?). Aaahh, now the pair is complete. Play Features: Both He-Man and Skeletor had a 'battle swing' feature - turn the body and let go, it will swing! Battlecat and Panthor are the same mold but Battlecat comes with head gear whereas Panthor doesn't. Panthor had a purple velvet coverering it's body but due to age, there are already many bald spots in the figure I own. Mattel had since re-issued these classic toys...but nothing beats the original!