Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singapore Trip...

Business had been challenging this year. Had some personal breakthroughs. Unexpected medical expenses for my dad. Didn't really plan for the trip to Singapore but kinda force myself to take a break to recharge. I wanted to go the toys flea market and also see the toys market in Singapore. Well, some toys...err most toys are cheaper than Malaysia even after conversion. There are lots of Transformers stuff on sale, one big Transformers Encore set (the one looks like dinosaur and plane) cost only SGD30!!! Here is selling for over RM200 bucks! Then a set of 4 DCDirect Batman figures selling for only SGD55!! Vintage Micromaster Transformers MOC only SGD5 each!! Also saw some SDCC exclusive toys on sale too!! When it comes to departmental stores, the toys variety are almost the same to what we have here. So to hunt for something different, gotta go to toys specialty stores..Manage to capture some toys display in Singapore...Gundam, Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime), Stormtroopers in Orchard Road, and specialty toy shops in China Square (where they have Sunday flea market) early in the morning...

The Chinatown Square flea market is similar to our Amcorp mall flea market. It's just they got more toys and more varieties. However I still prefer the Clark Quay toys fleamarket when I went there almost 10 years ago...coz got more vintage stuff. According to one of the toys store owner, over 60% of the stores from Clark Quay had moved to Chinatown Square..
Wasn't really satisfied with the trip coz didn't find what I was looking for (vintage toys especially star wars and batman stuff). Bought only a few back home..Vintage G2 Hero Optimus Prime, vintage star wars landspeeder and a cute Vader plush..
Looking back this year, I didn't spend as much time and $$ on my hobby comparatively in the past. I must have been more discipline..or my room space is running out. I didn't really get those urges to buy the 'must-haves' or to 'complete my collection'. In fact I made a conscious decision to stop buying certain line of toys. Well I still wish to have a Toy Museum one day to showcase my collection...oh Singapore also have a Toy they called it Museum of Toys which features collectible tin toys..didn't manage to go there. Maybe next time.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's the Time of the Year...

Time for giving..and before you can give, gotta buy...duh!
Ther are lots of good bargains...I got the DC Direct Legend of the Dark Knight 4 Pack for only RM85.00 at Jusco! Also found in Jusco Midvalley - DC Heroes 3 pack selling for RM21!
I got the Buster Optimus Prime as my own Christmas gift..well I am happy with the purchase even though is basically a repaint of the earlier Prime with slight re-tooling. the paint job in this Prime is awesome, his gun transforms and it shows Prime's face! Then I got the Leo Prime in Low Yat and found out its missing instructions..duh! Luckily the Leo Prime transformation is kindergarten prob with no instructions..
I thought I had most of the Prime..but when checking the internet I realized my Prime collection is far from over...I m still short of Machine Wars Prime, Hero Prime, Sports Label Prime....oooh boy..