Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Toys Premiums

Once again, KFC got the license to issue Transformers movie premium. Very lame and bad quality compared to the previous ROTF movie premium. These toys doesn't transform, limited play value and look like bootleg! Optimus has a light feature on his chest (like lot of bootlegs toys) Ironhide has a rotating gun, Bumblebee with sound and Starscream with color change. Well McDonalds latest premium, Batman The Brave and The Bold seem to better, in terms of design, play value and quality. It looks like this set is a continuation of the previous set. Looks really good on display!

Optimus Prime Acquisition

It's been few months since I last blogged. Part of the reason for the long silence was because I actually forgotten my password! came back to me recently..

This is to update my new acquisition of Optimus Prime...after years of hunting, I finally acquire Machine Wars Optimus Prime! With the new transformers movie going on, I've got the Takaratomy Voyager Prime with trailer. A bit dissappointed coz the trailer is kinda useless except to store weapons! Then I got the Walmart exclusive Prime (carded), Prime with Comettor (re-issue with different paint job, matrix, battle hooks and featuring Optimus face), Cyberverse Prime with trailer (my favorite so far) and finally the Ultimate Optimus Prime with trailer which is stated as the largest Optimus Prime figure! Well, there wasn't a lot of play value in this ultimate figure. The trailer transforms into some kind of armor suit for Optimus to slipped into. I havent buy the reular voyager Prime yet and I already saw another 2 versions of Optimus coming up...when will they stop? Except for the Ultimate Prime in which some shops said they are 'sold out', the rest of the DOTM Prime can still be easily found in shops and departmental stores. As proven again and again, Hasbro will re-issue these in other buy coz u love it...investment....nah..