Sunday, April 11, 2010

TRU Member Sale!!

TRU is having their member sale...yeah I know it's for some time not the latest news. However I was at Hartamas and they further reduced the price for some of the GI Joes and Star Wars stuff. I got the Lars homestead set for only RM50 bucks! I also know some collectors hated this overpriced ridiculous set when it first came out, but hey, for RM50 bucks - what else can you ask for? Its got 3 figures, 1 womp rat, 1 vaporiser thingy and of course a huge playset house where Luke can have his blue milk.

Godzilla Collection

Most of these are Bandai's Classic Godzilla Release. My favorite of the lot is the Burning Godzilla and the Millenium Godzilla (the head with b/w background). With limited articulation, these figures are more for display rather than play. Then we have the 1998 Hollywood version of Godzilla, a hand puppet made by Resaurus. The skinny Godzilla above is the 1958 version, if not mistaken. I have a couple more Godzillas, not shown here, it's tuck away high up and hard to reach for photographs with all the other toys stacked up. Maybe next time..

Friday, April 2, 2010

KFC's Mr Bean Stationery Set

Available now from KFC - Mr Bean Stationery Set. 4 toys that can combined to form a toy apartment with yard and comes with stationeries! This is similar to the Doraemon Stationery set also issued by KFC years ago. Here's a short description of what they do: The grass yard have the 'Mr Bean' name embossed on it. It comes with notepad and a crayon. Mr Bean's car act as a lock for the notepad holder. Next, the calendar and a ruler, which is hidden behind. The ruler also fucntion as a stand when combining the toys. This toy can also be use as a pen/pencil holder. Then we have the mini photo frame and scissors that is hidden at the side, and a mini drawer also at the side. Lastly, a light projector, which projects some faint image from the cartoon. The cat fuctions as the on/off button. Overall cool and cute to look at. Worth collecting.