Sunday, April 11, 2010

Godzilla Collection

Most of these are Bandai's Classic Godzilla Release. My favorite of the lot is the Burning Godzilla and the Millenium Godzilla (the head with b/w background). With limited articulation, these figures are more for display rather than play. Then we have the 1998 Hollywood version of Godzilla, a hand puppet made by Resaurus. The skinny Godzilla above is the 1958 version, if not mistaken. I have a couple more Godzillas, not shown here, it's tuck away high up and hard to reach for photographs with all the other toys stacked up. Maybe next time..

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Greeku said...

I have huge collections of Godzilla Toys with all different figures and styles. That monster looks damn good. Very heroic too.