Friday, April 2, 2010

KFC's Mr Bean Stationery Set

Available now from KFC - Mr Bean Stationery Set. 4 toys that can combined to form a toy apartment with yard and comes with stationeries! This is similar to the Doraemon Stationery set also issued by KFC years ago. Here's a short description of what they do: The grass yard have the 'Mr Bean' name embossed on it. It comes with notepad and a crayon. Mr Bean's car act as a lock for the notepad holder. Next, the calendar and a ruler, which is hidden behind. The ruler also fucntion as a stand when combining the toys. This toy can also be use as a pen/pencil holder. Then we have the mini photo frame and scissors that is hidden at the side, and a mini drawer also at the side. Lastly, a light projector, which projects some faint image from the cartoon. The cat fuctions as the on/off button. Overall cool and cute to look at. Worth collecting.

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