Sunday, August 23, 2009

1980s Thundercats Mummra Figure

Some time ago I did a review of Lion-O figure which I acquired from the US. After purchasing that, I looked for his arch nemesis, Mummra. Been hunting for it for quite some time..did found one in flea market but the weapon was broken. So I continued hunting for Mummra to complete the 'main character hero villain' equation. Finally the hunt ended today, I got a complete unbroken Mummra from the flea market (same price offered as the incomplete one last time).
Mummra comes with a head gear, a dagger and a sword. Similar to Lion-O, it has the battle-matic feature, press the button behind his back to make his hands swing! Satisfied..:>

Friday, August 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning Toys Sale!!!!

Toys for Sale
Doing some spring cleaning and have some toys for sale. You'll find some of them in my eBay list.

If the link doesn't work, contact me at for a list of toys for sale!!
I am willing to trade, and offer bulk discounts. International orders are welcome, I accept Paypal to selected customers with confirmed address. I had a negative experience with Paypal, I got cheated of 2 DragonBall Museum Collection figures by an French ebayer. He paid me via Paypal then when I sent the items to him, he withdrew the fund!! Post office here confirmed item reached France and was acknowledged. Checked with Paypal, they are not willing to help, saying that it is their policy and loads of terms and agreement BS!. So I am very careful with Paypal payments from now, and I advise that if you are a seller, you should be too.

Toys Wanted
By the way, I am also looking for toys. I prefer them to be mint on card or in box. Let me know if you have these:
1) Transformers God Ginrai Re-issue
2) Kenner Aliens - Ripley, Queen Alien, Power Loader
3) Starship Troopers Bugs

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I bought this Dekarangers Megazord set (a.k.a Power Rangers SPD , US Version) for my son and to my surprise, this is one waaay cool robot, and the quality is much much better than the US versions. I've never intended to do a review of this toy but after seeing my kids play and the fantastic play features if offers , I just love to share this info for any Power Rangers enthusiast ( if there's any).
First all the vehicles have got metallic paint - made it look like diecast. It's made in Thailand, not China. Each vehicles has got it cool play features.
Main car - forms the robot head and body, have lights and sound effects, tyres can attached to Justice Sword (comes with hovercraft vehicle), and have 2 'grabbers' at the rear.
Signage car and Hovercraft - this forms the arms and hands. The signge card comes with few interchangeable signs and Megazord's gun. The hovercratf comes with Justice sword.
The train and flying vehicle - forms both legs. The train have a compartment that can be opened to store the sword and guns. Very cool gimmick. The flying vehicle comes with retractable gear, a rescue hook, gaitling guns and handcuffs.
Megazord Mode - Looks very cool with lights and sounds effect, just like in the TV series.
It looks good even when not playing.
Such a great looking, gadget aplenty, so-much-fun giant robot selling cheap!! Sadly it's just not as famous as Transformers. Sigh..