Friday, August 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning Toys Sale!!!!

Toys for Sale
Doing some spring cleaning and have some toys for sale. You'll find some of them in my eBay list.

If the link doesn't work, contact me at for a list of toys for sale!!
I am willing to trade, and offer bulk discounts. International orders are welcome, I accept Paypal to selected customers with confirmed address. I had a negative experience with Paypal, I got cheated of 2 DragonBall Museum Collection figures by an French ebayer. He paid me via Paypal then when I sent the items to him, he withdrew the fund!! Post office here confirmed item reached France and was acknowledged. Checked with Paypal, they are not willing to help, saying that it is their policy and loads of terms and agreement BS!. So I am very careful with Paypal payments from now, and I advise that if you are a seller, you should be too.

Toys Wanted
By the way, I am also looking for toys. I prefer them to be mint on card or in box. Let me know if you have these:
1) Transformers God Ginrai Re-issue
2) Kenner Aliens - Ripley, Queen Alien, Power Loader
3) Starship Troopers Bugs

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