Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I bought this Dekarangers Megazord set (a.k.a Power Rangers SPD , US Version) for my son and to my surprise, this is one waaay cool robot, and the quality is much much better than the US versions. I've never intended to do a review of this toy but after seeing my kids play and the fantastic play features if offers , I just love to share this info for any Power Rangers enthusiast ( if there's any).
First all the vehicles have got metallic paint - made it look like diecast. It's made in Thailand, not China. Each vehicles has got it cool play features.
Main car - forms the robot head and body, have lights and sound effects, tyres can attached to Justice Sword (comes with hovercraft vehicle), and have 2 'grabbers' at the rear.
Signage car and Hovercraft - this forms the arms and hands. The signge card comes with few interchangeable signs and Megazord's gun. The hovercratf comes with Justice sword.
The train and flying vehicle - forms both legs. The train have a compartment that can be opened to store the sword and guns. Very cool gimmick. The flying vehicle comes with retractable gear, a rescue hook, gaitling guns and handcuffs.
Megazord Mode - Looks very cool with lights and sounds effect, just like in the TV series.
It looks good even when not playing.
Such a great looking, gadget aplenty, so-much-fun giant robot selling cheap!! Sadly it's just not as famous as Transformers. Sigh..

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