Monday, October 27, 2008


Besides collecting movie toys, I collect anime toys as well. I was a crazy anime fan in the mid 90s, I went all the way to Hong Kong to get Evangelion original VCDs. (Back then, we don't have so many comics stores and the Malay translated Manga are just starting...) My early favorites - DragonBall

I came to know about DragonBall when I was in Secondary School. I got a videotape from Petaling Street and I was hooked probably because of humour in the young Goku series. After a while, the storyline kinda run stale..but anyway I love to collect the DragonBall figures. I managed to acquire 4 vintage Bandai DragonBall figures. These are really for display as the only articulation is the arms. But that was the past. Now - you can have super articulated Goku figures! (Hybrid series)

Another popular anime back then was SailorMoon. Nope I m not a fan but a fellow collector persuaded me to buy the whole set of 5 SailorMoon dolls coz they are on sale. So I got all the 5 main characters at a very good price. (RM18 each) These are 12" dolls with cloth uniform! I got another surprise as my collector friend also got me Sailor Chibi Moon - who's that? That is SailorMoon's daughter!! I too didn't know that until I got the doll..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ArtFX Kotobukiya Terminator 3: T-850

I got these from warehouse to sell. After looking at it, I kinda like em..and guess what, I decided to keep them. I got two T-850 model kits (version 1 and 2) by ArtFX Kotobukiya. Version 1 have 2 interchangeable Arnold's head, one with sunglasses another without. Version 2 is the battle damaged version where it reveals some exo-skeleton.

Batman Begins: Transforming Gotham City Batmobile Playset

Its been some time since I last wrote. Have been pretty busy. Anyway, got some time to catch up with my hobby. Here's one playset that I recommend to all Batman movie collectors: Mattel's Batman Begins Transforming Gotham City Batmobile!

For starters, this playset is pretty huge and heavy! Secondly, its decently priced (original price RM119). Thirdly, Gotham city playset has 9 play features! Fourth - it has electronic light and sound effects! Fifth - in converts into a huge Tumbler Batmobile!

The features includes Battle Cable (a zipline), Combat Stage 1 (platform to place 2 figures), Arkham Asylum (A jail cell), Sewer Control Panel (from the instruction sheet, it seem one of the pipes can be use as Batman's weapon) Combat Stage 2 (another platform but this comes with a 'Gotham sunset view' on a cardboard), Break Apart Water Tower, Action Cockscrew (hang Batman on the cockscrew pole and watch him twirling down), Removable Train (with light and sound) and Warehouse Platform (comes with breakable boxes). After playing, you can store all the accessories in the playset and converts it into a huge Tumbler Batmobile that runs on free wheelie. The front wheels can also be pull out and act as a carrying handle!

This is one cool toy! Grab it while its still reasonably price!

Friday, October 3, 2008

ToyBiz Batmobile with Cocoon

This is my first Batmobile. I bought it from the ebay. I like it very much though its not really an accurate representation of the Tim Burton's Batman movie Batmobile. This ToyBiz Batmobile doesn't come with a covered cockpit! It has 2 versions - the first version comes with a cocoon while the second version doesn't. Later Kenner released another batmobile based on the movie, and yes that Batmobile is movie accurate. I m still trying to get my hands on one of those...
Play Value - 2 concealed rocket launchers. Here's the cool part, you shift the gear and the rocket launcher pops up from the side of the batmobile! It has storage compartment at the back of the Batmobile. And it comes with a plastic cocoon that covers the Batmobile like in the movie.
Collectible Value - This toy was made in 1989. Quite rare now. Mint in box ranges from USD90-USD120 in ebay.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Kids Toys Collection

Being a toy collector dad, you can guess that I collect toys on behalf of my kids. Actually my kids are not toy collectors...yet. One is a toddler and another a pre-schooler. But then it doesn't stop toy collector dad to buy original toys and stock up the boxes and educating the kids that "These toys will worth a lot when you're 20 yrs old, so keep the boxes" lecture. Unfortunately, my wife didn't share the same sentiment. She threw away all the boxes..aaarggh!!

95% of the toys I got for my kids are originals. But frankly, they don't know the difference. They'll be happy to play with anything. Being a toy collector dad does have its perks...we get all the excuses to go to TRU or toy section of stores and conveniently apply "This is for my kids" lies at the payment counters.

I once knew a guy who brags that his little daughter doesn't play. Though she was very young, she had been programmed by her dad to think like an 'adult' and start to count money and be financially prudent. Not only that she condemns other kids (her cousin) for playing Barbies. And her dad was damn proud when he told me. It's good for the kid to be able to think like an adult but if its to the extreme, then I had pity on her. Perhaps she've never experience the joy of play and imagination. I believe kids should play, have fun and enjoy their childhood. Because they are kids only once. When they grow up, they'll never have their childhood back. Yes, now I have a lot of toys compared to when I was young, but I can't 'play' with these toys anymore. I just can't take an X-wing and act out the "I can't shake em!" scene. Its not the same. It'll never be the same.

I do not deprive my kids from playing. I let their imagination and creativity run wild! Of course having said that, we should also expose them in others areas (principles and values, financial prudence etc) other than play alone.

The Max Rebo Band Figures Set 50% Discount

Star Wars Collectors Check this out: I was at TRU 1-Utama and found the Star Wars Max Rebo Band Figures at 50% discount. For those who miss the warehouse sales, this is your chance to grab em. Both sets, the Jabba musicians and Jabba dancers are available.