Friday, October 3, 2008

ToyBiz Batmobile with Cocoon

This is my first Batmobile. I bought it from the ebay. I like it very much though its not really an accurate representation of the Tim Burton's Batman movie Batmobile. This ToyBiz Batmobile doesn't come with a covered cockpit! It has 2 versions - the first version comes with a cocoon while the second version doesn't. Later Kenner released another batmobile based on the movie, and yes that Batmobile is movie accurate. I m still trying to get my hands on one of those...
Play Value - 2 concealed rocket launchers. Here's the cool part, you shift the gear and the rocket launcher pops up from the side of the batmobile! It has storage compartment at the back of the Batmobile. And it comes with a plastic cocoon that covers the Batmobile like in the movie.
Collectible Value - This toy was made in 1989. Quite rare now. Mint in box ranges from USD90-USD120 in ebay.


nagfa said...

Nice batmobile this one.. we have it, too! If the 'other' Batmobile you mention is the 'Batmissile Batmobile' - where it can be split into three parts just like in the movie - then the prices on ebay could be a stumbling block. We have yet gotten that elusive Batmobile.


playagaintoys said...

The Batmobile I m refering to is the Kenner Dark Knight Batmobile. It is the same as the Camo Batmobile (review in my earlier blog) but came in black color. Its the earlier version compared to Camo and Batmissile.
Yeah I agree, Batmissile is elusive...and for a minty one, prepare to invest heavily...

nagfa said...

Hi again, been so long since we've visited..

Perhaps, we do have the Kenner Dark Knight Batmobile, one of these: