Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Kids Toys Collection

Being a toy collector dad, you can guess that I collect toys on behalf of my kids. Actually my kids are not toy collectors...yet. One is a toddler and another a pre-schooler. But then it doesn't stop toy collector dad to buy original toys and stock up the boxes and educating the kids that "These toys will worth a lot when you're 20 yrs old, so keep the boxes" lecture. Unfortunately, my wife didn't share the same sentiment. She threw away all the boxes..aaarggh!!

95% of the toys I got for my kids are originals. But frankly, they don't know the difference. They'll be happy to play with anything. Being a toy collector dad does have its perks...we get all the excuses to go to TRU or toy section of stores and conveniently apply "This is for my kids" lies at the payment counters.

I once knew a guy who brags that his little daughter doesn't play. Though she was very young, she had been programmed by her dad to think like an 'adult' and start to count money and be financially prudent. Not only that she condemns other kids (her cousin) for playing Barbies. And her dad was damn proud when he told me. It's good for the kid to be able to think like an adult but if its to the extreme, then I had pity on her. Perhaps she've never experience the joy of play and imagination. I believe kids should play, have fun and enjoy their childhood. Because they are kids only once. When they grow up, they'll never have their childhood back. Yes, now I have a lot of toys compared to when I was young, but I can't 'play' with these toys anymore. I just can't take an X-wing and act out the "I can't shake em!" scene. Its not the same. It'll never be the same.

I do not deprive my kids from playing. I let their imagination and creativity run wild! Of course having said that, we should also expose them in others areas (principles and values, financial prudence etc) other than play alone.

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