Monday, October 27, 2008


Besides collecting movie toys, I collect anime toys as well. I was a crazy anime fan in the mid 90s, I went all the way to Hong Kong to get Evangelion original VCDs. (Back then, we don't have so many comics stores and the Malay translated Manga are just starting...) My early favorites - DragonBall

I came to know about DragonBall when I was in Secondary School. I got a videotape from Petaling Street and I was hooked probably because of humour in the young Goku series. After a while, the storyline kinda run stale..but anyway I love to collect the DragonBall figures. I managed to acquire 4 vintage Bandai DragonBall figures. These are really for display as the only articulation is the arms. But that was the past. Now - you can have super articulated Goku figures! (Hybrid series)

Another popular anime back then was SailorMoon. Nope I m not a fan but a fellow collector persuaded me to buy the whole set of 5 SailorMoon dolls coz they are on sale. So I got all the 5 main characters at a very good price. (RM18 each) These are 12" dolls with cloth uniform! I got another surprise as my collector friend also got me Sailor Chibi Moon - who's that? That is SailorMoon's daughter!! I too didn't know that until I got the doll..

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