Sunday, October 26, 2008

Batman Begins: Transforming Gotham City Batmobile Playset

Its been some time since I last wrote. Have been pretty busy. Anyway, got some time to catch up with my hobby. Here's one playset that I recommend to all Batman movie collectors: Mattel's Batman Begins Transforming Gotham City Batmobile!

For starters, this playset is pretty huge and heavy! Secondly, its decently priced (original price RM119). Thirdly, Gotham city playset has 9 play features! Fourth - it has electronic light and sound effects! Fifth - in converts into a huge Tumbler Batmobile!

The features includes Battle Cable (a zipline), Combat Stage 1 (platform to place 2 figures), Arkham Asylum (A jail cell), Sewer Control Panel (from the instruction sheet, it seem one of the pipes can be use as Batman's weapon) Combat Stage 2 (another platform but this comes with a 'Gotham sunset view' on a cardboard), Break Apart Water Tower, Action Cockscrew (hang Batman on the cockscrew pole and watch him twirling down), Removable Train (with light and sound) and Warehouse Platform (comes with breakable boxes). After playing, you can store all the accessories in the playset and converts it into a huge Tumbler Batmobile that runs on free wheelie. The front wheels can also be pull out and act as a carrying handle!

This is one cool toy! Grab it while its still reasonably price!

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Isabelle said...

It's nice!! My kids love to this kind of play sets!!