Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mattel Naruto Action Figures

My brother got these for me from Melbourne. He said there was a store closing down and he got these figures for AUD1-3 bucks each. These figures by Mattel are not found here in KL as far as I know. The Naruto merchandise here are often bootlegs from China and sold in Manga Specialty Stores. I believed Naruto have a strong fan.....As for the figures, they are well sculpted and painted and have very cool play features! What I've got was Shadow Clone Jujutsu Naruto (multiple attack action!), Tree climbing Naruto, Dragon Strength Rock Lee, Tornado Attack Sasuke and Chakra Point Attack Neji and Battle Damaged Neji (looks like from a different series coz packaging different). I guess its my early Christmas presents...Checked eBay these figures are quite pricey...over USD10 each...the tornado sasuke selling for USD18++ with bids..