Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hasbro Movie Iron Man & Iron Monger Figures

Didn't intend to start collecting the Iron Man figures earlier. However I got the Iron Monger figure as a gift. Well, you know the thing about collector..once you have a bad guy you would like to 'complete' the equation with a good guy....

I got the Iron Monger with a removable cockpit version. This figure is heavy! Other than the removable cockpit, there's nothing much to do with this figure...ok it has decent articulation, nice sculpt but a hasty paint job.

As for the Iron Man figure, I chose the Prototype version. This one comes with snap on armor and reveal the face of Tony Stark. The play features? Snap on armour, decent articulation, nice sculpt and yes...a hasty paint job. It took me a while to finally find one that is painted nicely.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I just acquired the Trans Scanning Optimus Prime by Tomy Takara at a discount. Its been around for some time already (hence the discount) and another version Trans Scanning Bumblebee is currently available at TRU. The figure is based on Transformers Movie. I've always wanted this Prime figure coz I m a Prime and Megatron collector. I'll share a short review of this figure here. If you want a detailed review, you gotta check out the Transformers toys site.

This figure is cool. It consist of a skeleton body and body parts to form the protoform Prime or the Earth Prime. Thats not all, once the body parts are attached, the figure can actually be transformed into the comet mode (for the protoform) and truck mode (for the Earth prime). For a figure that is approximately only 5 inches tall, it has unbelievable details and articulation! Another cool surprise is the protoform comet mode comes with a display stand! It also have another pair of hands. There are no action features here and judging from the complexity of the transformation, this figure is meant for adult collectors. Check out YouTube, one guy took almost 5 minutes to transform the robot to truck!!

The 'play value' here are superb articulation, transformation from robot to alternate mode and body parts to form 2 version of Prime. More for display rather than play. It has detailed sculpting and good paint job! (check out the chrome smokestack!) The figure comes with an instruction sheet and a toy catalogue of the Movie Transformers toys.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

McDonalds Clone Wars Happy Meal Toys

I just completed my collection of McD Clone Wars Happy Meal toys. As you can see, it looks kinda cute. However when I got the toys, it turn out to be disappointing! The figures (Ani, Yoda, R2 and Vader) have no play features. They are sort of a container. Each figure came with sticker. (lame!). The vehicles (Starfighter, Falcon, X-wing & Gunship) are a bit better in terms of play value - each have a key to insert at the back of the ship, press the key and the ship rolls out on free wheelie! Compared to the US and UK Star Wars Happy Meal toys release, which has cool light and sound effects, this is really sad..Nevertheless, this set looks good on display.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mattel Movie Masters Batman Dark Knight Joker Figure

Mattel Movie Masters Batman Dark Knight The Joker is one elusive figure. Collectors and scalpers wallop them off the shelf as fast as a speeding bullet. I wanted to get one but didn't want to pay extra to scalpers. So I waited. My patience paid off, the next wave of figures came to Carrefour and I was there. There were 4 Joker figures in the lot. I held two in my hands. After looking at it for a long time....I put both back on the shelf. Why? To me, the figure is overpriced. At RM69.90, there's not much to shout about. Okay, it has Heath Ledger's likeness but what disappoints me is the lack of accesories. Just a card, an evidence bag and a knife???!!!
Compared this with NECA Conan figure, also selling at RM69.90 but it comes with diorama base, cool paint job, swords, good sculpting of Arnie's likeness and other movie accurate accesories etc. I checked Ebay USA, found that the Joker figure are selling at around USD9.99 to USD11.99 (Buy it Now).

Then I saw the two MM Joker figures again at Kepong Carrefour. Again I pass.
Though I didn't buy, my heart is pretty tempted. My friend who just came back from Hong Kong told me that this figure was totally sold out there and the price had gone up to RM200++.

Finally I saw in the news, The Dark Knight movie pass USD500 million mark. Okay, if I see the figure again, I will buy. Went to Carrefour another time, there was one last Joker figure. I bought it. Not very satisfied because I still feel its overpriced. So why did I buy? Maybe its Heath Ledger, his performance is spot on...or maybe is the last figure on the shelf...or maybe the movie is a blockbusters so this figure will command a high price in future...(though I know very well I am not selling it). Why did I buy? .........I wish I know....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hasbro Warehouse Sale This Weekend!

Dear Fellow Collectors, I've received a flyer stating Hasbro Warehouse Sale in Shah Alam this coming Saturday and Sunday. Cash and carry. Check it out!