Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hasbro Movie Iron Man & Iron Monger Figures

Didn't intend to start collecting the Iron Man figures earlier. However I got the Iron Monger figure as a gift. Well, you know the thing about collector..once you have a bad guy you would like to 'complete' the equation with a good guy....

I got the Iron Monger with a removable cockpit version. This figure is heavy! Other than the removable cockpit, there's nothing much to do with this figure...ok it has decent articulation, nice sculpt but a hasty paint job.

As for the Iron Man figure, I chose the Prototype version. This one comes with snap on armor and reveal the face of Tony Stark. The play features? Snap on armour, decent articulation, nice sculpt and yes...a hasty paint job. It took me a while to finally find one that is painted nicely.

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