Saturday, September 27, 2008


I just acquired the Trans Scanning Optimus Prime by Tomy Takara at a discount. Its been around for some time already (hence the discount) and another version Trans Scanning Bumblebee is currently available at TRU. The figure is based on Transformers Movie. I've always wanted this Prime figure coz I m a Prime and Megatron collector. I'll share a short review of this figure here. If you want a detailed review, you gotta check out the Transformers toys site.

This figure is cool. It consist of a skeleton body and body parts to form the protoform Prime or the Earth Prime. Thats not all, once the body parts are attached, the figure can actually be transformed into the comet mode (for the protoform) and truck mode (for the Earth prime). For a figure that is approximately only 5 inches tall, it has unbelievable details and articulation! Another cool surprise is the protoform comet mode comes with a display stand! It also have another pair of hands. There are no action features here and judging from the complexity of the transformation, this figure is meant for adult collectors. Check out YouTube, one guy took almost 5 minutes to transform the robot to truck!!

The 'play value' here are superb articulation, transformation from robot to alternate mode and body parts to form 2 version of Prime. More for display rather than play. It has detailed sculpting and good paint job! (check out the chrome smokestack!) The figure comes with an instruction sheet and a toy catalogue of the Movie Transformers toys.

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