Sunday, December 23, 2012


The Masterpiece Rodimus Prime by Takaratomy had many quality issues (watch Youtube for details), so I was hesitant to buy it. Later Hasbro issued Rodimus Prime as a TRU Exclusive and had rectified the quality issues of the earlier release. This version doesn't comes with the trailer but it comes with Offshoot figure. The rest of the accessories are the same as the Japanese release.
Earlier of the month, I got a World Smallest Transformers (WST) Hot Rod at a cheap price in Singapore. This was a TRU Japan Exclusive giveaway when you buy THS-02 Convoy. It's kinda pricey on eBay now for this very small toy. This also have some quality issues, so get'em only if you are a die-hard Rodimus fan.


Christmas present for 2012, unexpectedly I got for myself the TRU Exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime. It comes with trailer, roller, Matrix, guns, axe and a Witwicky figure. This was released earlier by Takaratomy. This version of Prime it's not diecast, unlike the original MP-01. When TRU Malaysia brought in the figure, the collectors community were complaining about the price in forums, that is RM599.00. When the Takaratomy's version (re-stocks) came in, it was also sold for almost RM600. I got this today for a 20% discount (RM479.00) from TRU. Quite nice to display it in its packaging. 
Another Prime added to my collection is the Asia Premium Series (APS) Striker Optimus Prime. I missed the earlier issue of the Striker Optimus Prime, and it's price went up to RM800 in the secondary market. Luckily I did not give in the urge to buy that...and later this updated version of Striker Prime is re-released. It comes with a beautiful black box with magnetic cover,  chrome parts, blasters, shield and two swords that was not available in the earlier release! This is a very nice version of Oprimus, it's pricey but I think it's worth it.

I seldom collect vehicles unless it is a tied-in premium. I've got to know about the Milo vans during a relative's wedding when we were in a restaurant. I saw those Milo vans on the display shelf and I was hooked. But I was too late to collect as the promo was already over. So I began to hunt for it in the flea market. Managed to score 1 set. It's die-cast vehicles and each van comes with a plastic display case. 
Another set of vehicles that I've completed is the Shell Lego promo sets. It consist of 6 packs of mini pull back vehicles and 1 pack of mini figures. Judging from the number of Lego collectors here, these vehicles price may have good secondary market value in the future. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Ebay Haul - Biker Scout

Got this set from Ebay. Good news is this set is very decently priced. Bad news is the speeder bike have one broken flap. The seller described that it was never played before. The speeder bike does look new with all inserts and even the vintage catalog. Probably manufacturer defects? of the hazards in ebay shopping.. On the other hand, the biker scout is very nice and the card is mint, unpunched. I am still searching eBay for one very elusive Star Wars vintage figure.....

Transformers GariGari Robo Kun Ice Cream Convoy (Optimus Prime) and more...

Recently found a 'cool' reference to Optimus Prime - Transforming Ice Cream / Ice Bar GariGari Kun (Mr.Crunchy) Robo premium from Japan. It's a cute figure that transform from ice cream bar to the mascot wearing Optimus Prime helmet and attire. I saw three color versions so far - blue soda (which have the original Optimus Prime color), Cola (which have the original mascot costume color) and a limited edition grape purple color. The figure is wrapped in a re-sealable bag to mimick how ice cream bar is packaged.  It comes with a sword, shield and mini ice cream bar. It have a cool munching action too! The sword and shield can be stored at the back of figure. This is an official Transformers merchandise made by Takaratomy, the plastic is of decent quality and the transformation is fairly easy. If you're Optimus Prime fan, this is something worth checking out. Ebay price overseas about RM100-RM120 now.

At speedy video, found a Batman and Superman Animated bust coin bank. I believe this is a theme park exclusive figure. Well sculpted and painted, would recommend to diehard Bats and Supes collectors.

Finally just completed (for my kids) Transformers Prime toy premiums from McDonalds. Don't you hate Transformers that doesn't transform? If you buy these figures, you'd know what I mean..

Monday, September 3, 2012

Optimus Prime Haul & McDonalds Coca Cola Sale Alert!

The Weaponizer Optimus Prime was in my wish list but what accelerated my purchase recently was the Transformers Prime Gift  with Purchase Promotion at Isetan! (I got the DOTM Cyberverse Shockwave fusion tank set for free from this purchase!) This version of Prime have 4 modes...actually 2, the 'additional' modes are just weapons popping out in both robot and vehicle form. Its pretty nice Optimus with Leader Class size.
One surprise purchase was the AM01 TRU Japan Exclusive Battle Shield Optimus Prime. Seeing how cool those Microns combined to form Optimus' shield, I was sold. And these Microns can be transformed to individual robots! The down side of this is that these Microns are unassembled and have to be fix like model kits. For some this could be additional play value but for me its like " to fix this" This set comes with 4 Microns!
MCDonalds is currently having a sale of the 2012 Olympic Coca-Cola glasses, complete set of 6 for only RM12.95! Unbelievable! Go get'em if you haven't.
Also McDonalds had a nice collection of Young Justice figures in their Happy Meal promo. There's the the light up Superboy (eyes & emblem), Missile firing Robin with bike, Superman with 'hands lifting' action to stimulate flight and Batman with extending cape! Overall very nice.

Monday, July 23, 2012

More Toys Photos...Transformers Human Alliance Collection..

Just to share some photos..Kenner Bruce Wayne Batman and Toybiz Batmobile with Cocoon..

My Transformers Human Alliance Collection from all the three movies...these are the 'main' ones, I seldom collect re-paints which there are a few in this series...

Toys Bounty Update - Optimus Prime, Kenner Batman, Ultraman, Spiderman..

Time flies! It's almost four months since my last blog! Just to note some toys collected in the past months..

Vintage Kenner Bruce Wayne figure. I wanted to have this to match the Batmobile. Finally got one loose from USA for a reasonable price. Batman's cowl. chest plate, gloves and boots are made of hard plastic..much better and durable than Mattel's Batman's Bruce Wayne figure! It has a cool Michael Keaton's likeness!

I got a Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive Clear Optimus Prime from the Transformers Prime series. It looks really beautiful! Comes in a black and white packaging, retailing for over USD100++, but I got it here for much much less. I also bought the Music Label Optimus Prime dock with speakers for Ipod. this figure was not in my radar until there was a sale in a toy collector shop - got discounted about a hundred bucks!:) This Optimus Prime have a newly molded head.

I got these Spiderman Coin bust for RM25 each only! It's very nicely sculpted and painted from Monogram. There are other Marvel coin bust like Wolverine and Captain America, but I felt these two are the best!

Lastly, I got this set of Ultraman Brothers with cape from Japan eBay. It was an exclusive as it comes in a black and white box. I though these were the regular 6" Ultraman based on the photos. This thought came to me because few years ago in Singapore Flea Market, one seller tried to sell me one of these exclusive Ultraman with cape. But I was mistaken. When the figures arrived, they are only 3" tall! Inside were 6 figures, 6 capes individually wrapped and a candy. Nevertheless, the set looks pretty nice.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Macross or Robotech in the US was one of my favorite anime-toons when I was a teen. Last week in Johor Bahru, in a local night market, I stumbled upon a die-cast Macross SDF-1 model figure. I got it for RM15 only! I checked the internet for info on this figure and found out that a mint-in-box figure is selling for USD440.00!!! This is actually from the W.A.V.E 1/5000 scale version of the SDF-1 ship. The original comes with a display base and it's transformable!
Mine is just the figure and two of the antennas were broken during transportation. Managed to glued back one. Overall it's a very nice figure but can be easily broken because of the small antennas. I've checked YouTube for the's pretty complicated. So I'll display it as it is ...for now..

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage ROTJ Speeder Bike

I got this from the flea market yesterday. I wanted this for some time but was hesitant to buy from eBay due to exorbitant shipping charges. This set is complete with tray, instructions and a C6 box. Initially didn't wanted to buy because I thought one of the brake flaps was broken, but upon closer inspection, it was just unhook and can be fixed easily. After fixing, it works perfectly. What's missing in this set is the toy catalog. The bike is nice and clean and is working perfectly.

The Speeder Bike Gimmick: When the speeder is on the ground, the brake flaps are closed. When the speeder is "flying", the brake flaps automatically pops up to reveal engines. The T-Bar that holds the Biker Scout is actually spring loaded, to keep the Biker in place. Underneath the speeder is a "Laser Gun" that rotates. Finally, when the knapsack is pressed, the speeder explodes to 3 pieces.

Hasbro re-issued this in 1995 under POTF2 that comes together with the Biker Scout. I m not sure if the re-issued version has been retooled but it was definetly repainted. This vintage speeder in box is selling in Ebay for USD40-80, depending on condition.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hot Toys Christopher Reeves Superman Classic!

This is my second Hot Toys figure. An excellent figure and Christopher Reeve's likeness is spot on! Amazing....

Monday, March 26, 2012


This is my third Hot Toys figure. Michael Keaton Batman! Awesome! The pictures speak for itself!