Thursday, April 12, 2012


Macross or Robotech in the US was one of my favorite anime-toons when I was a teen. Last week in Johor Bahru, in a local night market, I stumbled upon a die-cast Macross SDF-1 model figure. I got it for RM15 only! I checked the internet for info on this figure and found out that a mint-in-box figure is selling for USD440.00!!! This is actually from the W.A.V.E 1/5000 scale version of the SDF-1 ship. The original comes with a display base and it's transformable!
Mine is just the figure and two of the antennas were broken during transportation. Managed to glued back one. Overall it's a very nice figure but can be easily broken because of the small antennas. I've checked YouTube for the's pretty complicated. So I'll display it as it is ...for now..

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