Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage ROTJ Speeder Bike

I got this from the flea market yesterday. I wanted this for some time but was hesitant to buy from eBay due to exorbitant shipping charges. This set is complete with tray, instructions and a C6 box. Initially didn't wanted to buy because I thought one of the brake flaps was broken, but upon closer inspection, it was just unhook and can be fixed easily. After fixing, it works perfectly. What's missing in this set is the toy catalog. The bike is nice and clean and is working perfectly.

The Speeder Bike Gimmick: When the speeder is on the ground, the brake flaps are closed. When the speeder is "flying", the brake flaps automatically pops up to reveal engines. The T-Bar that holds the Biker Scout is actually spring loaded, to keep the Biker in place. Underneath the speeder is a "Laser Gun" that rotates. Finally, when the knapsack is pressed, the speeder explodes to 3 pieces.

Hasbro re-issued this in 1995 under POTF2 that comes together with the Biker Scout. I m not sure if the re-issued version has been retooled but it was definetly repainted. This vintage speeder in box is selling in Ebay for USD40-80, depending on condition.

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