Monday, July 23, 2012

Toys Bounty Update - Optimus Prime, Kenner Batman, Ultraman, Spiderman..

Time flies! It's almost four months since my last blog! Just to note some toys collected in the past months..

Vintage Kenner Bruce Wayne figure. I wanted to have this to match the Batmobile. Finally got one loose from USA for a reasonable price. Batman's cowl. chest plate, gloves and boots are made of hard plastic..much better and durable than Mattel's Batman's Bruce Wayne figure! It has a cool Michael Keaton's likeness!

I got a Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive Clear Optimus Prime from the Transformers Prime series. It looks really beautiful! Comes in a black and white packaging, retailing for over USD100++, but I got it here for much much less. I also bought the Music Label Optimus Prime dock with speakers for Ipod. this figure was not in my radar until there was a sale in a toy collector shop - got discounted about a hundred bucks!:) This Optimus Prime have a newly molded head.

I got these Spiderman Coin bust for RM25 each only! It's very nicely sculpted and painted from Monogram. There are other Marvel coin bust like Wolverine and Captain America, but I felt these two are the best!

Lastly, I got this set of Ultraman Brothers with cape from Japan eBay. It was an exclusive as it comes in a black and white box. I though these were the regular 6" Ultraman based on the photos. This thought came to me because few years ago in Singapore Flea Market, one seller tried to sell me one of these exclusive Ultraman with cape. But I was mistaken. When the figures arrived, they are only 3" tall! Inside were 6 figures, 6 capes individually wrapped and a candy. Nevertheless, the set looks pretty nice.

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