Sunday, December 23, 2012


Christmas present for 2012, unexpectedly I got for myself the TRU Exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime. It comes with trailer, roller, Matrix, guns, axe and a Witwicky figure. This was released earlier by Takaratomy. This version of Prime it's not diecast, unlike the original MP-01. When TRU Malaysia brought in the figure, the collectors community were complaining about the price in forums, that is RM599.00. When the Takaratomy's version (re-stocks) came in, it was also sold for almost RM600. I got this today for a 20% discount (RM479.00) from TRU. Quite nice to display it in its packaging. 
Another Prime added to my collection is the Asia Premium Series (APS) Striker Optimus Prime. I missed the earlier issue of the Striker Optimus Prime, and it's price went up to RM800 in the secondary market. Luckily I did not give in the urge to buy that...and later this updated version of Striker Prime is re-released. It comes with a beautiful black box with magnetic cover,  chrome parts, blasters, shield and two swords that was not available in the earlier release! This is a very nice version of Oprimus, it's pricey but I think it's worth it.

I seldom collect vehicles unless it is a tied-in premium. I've got to know about the Milo vans during a relative's wedding when we were in a restaurant. I saw those Milo vans on the display shelf and I was hooked. But I was too late to collect as the promo was already over. So I began to hunt for it in the flea market. Managed to score 1 set. It's die-cast vehicles and each van comes with a plastic display case. 
Another set of vehicles that I've completed is the Shell Lego promo sets. It consist of 6 packs of mini pull back vehicles and 1 pack of mini figures. Judging from the number of Lego collectors here, these vehicles price may have good secondary market value in the future. 

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