Thursday, September 18, 2008

McDonalds Clone Wars Happy Meal Toys

I just completed my collection of McD Clone Wars Happy Meal toys. As you can see, it looks kinda cute. However when I got the toys, it turn out to be disappointing! The figures (Ani, Yoda, R2 and Vader) have no play features. They are sort of a container. Each figure came with sticker. (lame!). The vehicles (Starfighter, Falcon, X-wing & Gunship) are a bit better in terms of play value - each have a key to insert at the back of the ship, press the key and the ship rolls out on free wheelie! Compared to the US and UK Star Wars Happy Meal toys release, which has cool light and sound effects, this is really sad..Nevertheless, this set looks good on display.


SWCP, STAR WARS Clube Portugal said...

Hi. Nice report on the Malaysian side of McD's food promo. Regardless of what you say (minor play value, etc.) it still looks better than the Portuguese/Spanish one. Ours are by far the lamest Star Wars toys yet. We agree with you in saying that the US/UK promos are far better, diverse and interesting to collect.

In Portugal the 8 items can be seen here.

All the best from Portugal and the SWCP, Star Wars Clube Portugal!

May the Force be with you, always

playagaintoys said...

Thanks for sharing the info.
May the Force be with you too.