Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ultraman Ruishi vs Ultraman Tiga Bandai

I loved Ultraman ever since I was a kid. Still rememeber the days when I was in primary school afternoon session rushing home just to catch the last 5 minutes of the show. Usually that time, the Ultraman is doing his famous finale cross hand laser shootout that blast the monster to oblivion. Now I watched the Ultraman Tiga with my kids and guess what? There are still the cross hand laser finale shootout...and of course the effects are better.

Here are a review of two Ultraman figures I like. One made by Ruishi and another by Bandai.

Electronic Ultraman by Ruishi

- Eyes light up
- Chest button blinks
- Chop sound effect and Ultraman music (but sound is poor quality)
- Comes with 2 batteries
- Limited articulation, fixed pose, good for display
- Decent sculpting
- Box art - looks cheap.
- Toy cost retail RM56.00
- Survived my 2-year old son playing.

Electronic Ultraman Tiga by Bandai

- Eyes light up
- Chest button first slow, then faster..and faster like the TV show . Cool!
- Transformation, chopping, chest button blinking and blasting - sound effects! Good sound quality.
- Highly articulated. For play rather than display.
- Decent sculpting.
- Box art - looks exciting!
- Toy cost retail RM159.00.
- Didin't survived my 2 year old son playing. The left leg was broken. I glued it back.

So which is better? You judge yourself. But I'll go for Bandai, the play value is just so cool!

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