Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toy Investment Goes Wrong!

I collected and invested in toys in the 90s. My first internet sale was to a collector in US for the vintage Saint Seiyas. Good profit made. However investing in toys may not be rosy all the time.. Once I saw Wild Wild West toys on the shelves and decided to invest in it.

WWW is a movie - so must be good right?

WWW stars Will Smith - so must be good right?

Those days female figures command a higher price, so I got Rita Escobar of WWW, must be good right? I hope I was right but unfortunately the movie didn't do well and till today I m stuck with WWW figures!

The good news, its been almost a decade now and these figures can be catergorized as vintage. Now I m not selling them hehehe...About the WWW toys - it was made by X-toys. It has decent sculpt and likeness. It comes with good action features & accessories. The Desert Wasp vehicle is actually 2 in 1, you get the bicycle and the flyer. It shoots 2 missiles. These are really cool toys..its just that not enough people like it...

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