Friday, June 20, 2008

Toys Will Be Toys...And They Break!

Sometimes I wonder why I collect toys. I don't play with them. Hardly display them. I just prefer them encased in their plastic sarcophagus and view them in their minty glory. I seldom de-virginize a toy ( I learnt this term from a fellow Barbie collector who 'de-virginize' Barbies), I just collect and keep. My wife said its wasting money. Funny, she seemed to be more supportive of this 'money wasting' hobby when she's was my girlfriend. And I of course gave the standard answer - "Oh, its for investment. I m gonna sell it off ya know.."

One thing that disappoints me in this hobby is this - no matter how well you play, keep, or display your toys..a time will come when your toy will ... break, discolor or screw up!

Check this out - A Batman Begins Batman to Ninja Bruce figure. Its open for display and stored in a glass cabinet. Recently I got a surprise because on close inspection, the soft rubber Batman cowl has started to crack on the side! I can understand if a vintage toy starts to loose its limbs or two (check out vintage Skeletor) but this figure came out only 3 years ago!? Furthermore it was not harshly handled or played. Why collect toys only to watch them deteriorate?

In case you are wondering..I collect Chogokin - diecast metal toys. They wont break right? Wrong! Check out the Masked Rider Kuuga with Chogokin armor. Its armor broke into pieces when I tried to remove it from the packaging.

Oh and there's more broken toy horror stories ..Princess Leia white gown doll has got stain marks.......

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