Saturday, June 21, 2008

X-Men 2 Movie ToyBiz X-Jet Review

When the first movie came out, I wanted to get the X-jet. Since I saw not many people are interested in the toys those days, I decided to wait....and wait.....and I finally forgotten about it. Then the X-Men toys dissapeared from the stores. I was lucky to pick one X2 X-jet from a store in Subang at 50% discount. The store is closing down.

The X2 X-jet looks like a re-issue of the first X-Jet. the difference is some slight retooling in the cockpit, wings and also color. The 1st version came in dark blue, whereas this one came in metallic blueish grey.

Play Value: 10/10 This toy has lots of play features!

1) It has automatic opening cockpit with sound

2) Electronic lights up effects with thunderous sounds around the jet

3) Shoots 2 missiles with blasting sound effects

4) Raise & lower landing gear with sound effects

5) Cockpit fit 1 figure (this is the only setback)

6) Realistic electronic jet idlel and soaring sounds

7) Retractable handle

8) Bonus Wolverine figure

Collectible Value: Made in 2003. Not many takers. Ebay price hovering at USD15-USD40.

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