Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ToyBiz Batman Movie Batwing Review

I recently got a vintage ToyBiz Batwing from Ebay. Was disappointed. When checked with the seller, he said the toy is complete with all inserts. When it came, it was missing one missile and the instruction sheet. And the box was crappy. The parcel arrived with a sealed tape from our Custom. Apparently they have opened the package to inspect what's inside. Not sure if its the Custom people who lost the items or the seller wasn't honest.

The toy came with 6 missiles originally (mine only 5) and a trigger mechanism that activates the villain cruncher. The Batwing fires 2 missiles with trigger underneath both sides of the vehicle. I guess the villain cruncher is to simulate the Batwing 'scissors' cutting scene in the original Tim Burton movie. The Batwing looks a bit bulky compared to the Kenner Dark Knight's version.

Play Value 8/10 - Fires missiles, activates villain cruncher with a trigger, opening canopy and molded cockpit details. Ok the last one doesn't seem to be much to shout about today but remember this toy came out in 1989. In those days, a molded cockpit details is special!

Collectible Value 9/10 - Getting harder to find these days especially in good condition. Saw one selling at USD60 and another USD99.

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