Monday, June 16, 2008

Toys Collectibles & Collectibles Toys...

What kind of toys you collect? People asked me. All kinds.
But I prefer some type of toys over the others. Let me explain.
I catergorize toys into two groups:

Collectible Toys: Some toys company deliberately make the toy as an adult collectible. For example, ToysMcCoy Indiana Jones figure, limited to 3000 pieces worldwide. His Arabian horse, limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. Another example are special/exclusive editions, toys created with a different paint scheme (silver Darth Vader) or comes with different accessories . Because of this limited/special/exclusive edition, by default it became a collectible.

Toys Collectibles: These are toys produced for the mass market but due to its popularity and buyers interest, it became collectibles. For instance, vintage Star Wars/He-Man/Transformers figures. Toy companies are re-issuing some of these toys to capitalize on the demand.

For me, I prefer the latter one - Toys collectibles - toys that are meant for the mass market, toys that are meant to be played with. Toys that evolved to become a collectible. But that just me.

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